Transformers @ BFi Imax, London

The IMAX in London 

A couple of weekends ago, Mr Mocha and I went to the Imax in London (nearest tube: Waterloo) to watch Transformers……boy, was it an experience to behold.

Although I had already watched the movie, it felt like I was watching it for the first time. We were however ten minutes late……so, we kinda missed the ‘IMax Experience’, but we enjoyed the movie. This is one HUGE screen and the surround… have to be there to experience it.

So, this is just a snippet and recommendation to y’all who live in the UK.

If you haven’t been to the IMax, PLEASE GO…..esp. if you are into surround sound whilst watching movies. This is the place to EXPERIENCE just that……..its no surprise one of their tags is “THE IMAX EXPERIENCE”.

Well, I have to say, my mood has improved through the week. Whatever issues I was having are getting solved slowly.

Since music makes me happy, I will do my usual weekender selection. This will be the African Act Nominees selection for the MTV European Music Awards CLICK AND VOTE FOR JUACALI!

Kenya: Juacali feat Sanaipei – Kwaheri 

Nigeria: D’Banj – Tongolo

Ghana: Samini – Linda

Uganda: Chameleone (feat. Professor J) – Sivyo Ndivyo

South Africa: Hip Hop Pantsula – Jabba

This next has been added coz I always get up and dance everytime I hear it:

Mgharibe – Sister Bettina (don’t even ask…..I just like this track)

Have a timam weekend y’all!!!

9 thoughts on “Transformers @ BFi Imax, London”

  1. My friends keep trying to get me to go to the IMAX here lakini, I am “nervous”. You know I can start yelling in mother tongue when it looks like the things in the movie are coming for me. Now imagine watching a film like ants in 3D, sii they can see this “used-to-be-twenty-something”, gripping my neighbour while calling mama nyadose!!!Haala.Will brave it one day.

    Like the Juacali clip- lakini sii they are breaking traffic regulations……..cell phone chini!

  2. Yaani they had to wait until I had left Stato to bring Transformers to IMAX. Why they didn’t release it while I was still there on that format, I shall never know. Maybe to torment me for eternity. Nothing beats IMAX when watching a movie!

  3. @modo….nothing beats the IMAX unless you have a dope homecinema. Kura kwa Juacali kabisa. And yes, you were!

    @super…you are welcome. That song is just too dope esp. on a good sound system.

    @Xs…I know!

    @3TOC….wacha uwoga!

    @Kafai….thanks for that!

    @egm….pole boss!!! Indeed nothing beats watching a movie at the IMAX!


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