R.I.P. & Friday Randomness

Yet another talent lost……Lucky Dube!!! Rest in Peace!

Lucky Dube Live in Concert

On to other thoughts….. 

Does ‘corporate’ Kenya understand the power of the web? Ok…..not necessarily the banks, etc., but the entertainment side of things. Why do I ask this? Dj Edu will be Nairobi this weekend for Octoberfest / some BIG gig happening in Nai. This is an event, like any other event in Nai, that generally is advertised via word of mouth to the common mwanainchi, but if I was to visit and wanted to plan my activities whilst in the City before hand…..wouldn’t the web be a powerful tool for doing just that? 

Look at KRFU……they have started revamping their website and I suspect due to international interest in the game – Sevens. I just hope the ‘coming soon’ content will be added, otherwise it will just be another failed attempt to make the web work for you.

Now celebs in Kenya are ‘behaving badly’ according to Pulse??? LOL!!! Why lie thought, I miss the way Pulse used to be back in the day, before they only picked one article to post online.

Have a timam weekend y’all

Maxwell – Fortunate (I love this song)


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. & Friday Randomness”

  1. you are right. Its not just corporate Kenya, even the government. I suppose the concept of openness and accountability is foreign to most of them. Btw, I saw Dj Edu and Oktoberfest on facebook– perhaps that’s their target audience.

    RIP Dube– his death was sooo senseless, so random!!

  2. Yeah in Kenya we haven’t exploited the web fully for info.
    Shocked about Lucky Dube – senseless!
    Our Kenyan Celebs I see are on the way to join Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Britney spears in the behaving badly club.

  3. Just one of them thangs I guess we cannot explain what the world is turning to. Didn’t they at least recognize him and let him be?

  4. RIP LD, and yes, The Web is a very powerful tool, if it can be entertainment itself, why cant entertainers make it even bigger to make their shows bigger!!!Was @ The Rocktoberfest and… I guess the internet would have helped more…

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