….goes to this HINDIOT!

“fuck u and ten mother fuckers that look like u stop hating on nonini bitch ass nigga”

Aptly named ‘Mkundu’ and attempting to leave a comment on my Vote for Juacali and Eric Wainaina post………thank God for moderation.

Now, where do you get off telling insulting me about hating Nonini? Where in the post have I mentioned Nonini and my dislike for him? Who died and made you the decider for who I can and can’t like?


This is my blog, where my opinions about my life, what affects it directly or indirectly are expressed. If I have an opinion about something or someone, that’s just it…..MY OPINION. How you, the reader, takes and deals with it is not my problem but yours.

So, I suggest you get over yourself.

Whether I like Nonini or not should not be of any concern to you.

Unless you are in the same club as this dude, then I personally feel sorry for you…..

……besides, looks like I aint the only ‘hater’ up in here. Click here for more!!!

Kip….this week I am PMSing and lucky for you, it’s this hindiot who will get it. So you are off the hook thanks to Mkundu!!!

15 thoughts on “FOKO JEMBE OF THIS WEEK…”

  1. Ati what?? Can we beat him up?? LOL M*&%u yeye! (i cant say the word – am shy)

    Yah!!! Imagine!!!! Don’t even bother wasting your strenght raising your finger on this HINDIOT…not worth it!!!

  2. Another LOSER left a very offending comment in my blog last week and luckily enough i was still online and managed to delete it before it could take effect..”Ati wewe malaya unaambia watu nini, funga hiyo mdomo yako kama k*M*…I told him off softly..dont waste your precious time mahaters ,they are not worth it..just to quote Kleptomaniacs “siwachukii, nawadharau

    You said it right….LOSER INDEED!!!

  3. Are we having a moment here? ExhaleIt is always bound to happen on the net. It is easy for cowards to leave ‘comments’ that might be offensive.
    Wait a minute shy guys hiding behind initials? I hate talking about myself!
    Anyway thank God you can moderate what appears on your blog. I need to learn how to use mild language – that is my achilles

    There is a way you say things and it can be taken lightly….lakini hiki kina maneno zake!!!

  4. That was rather stupid, but as you said, it’s not worth wasting the time and the effort. If some of us were to air some of the comments that we’ve moderated on our blogs, people would weep.

    It was rather stupid!!! Oh well….moved on!

  5. ni kubaya huku! there are bound to be people with too much time and nothing but bad thoughts, block their ip! tihii! done that on my old blog…

    LMAO….done one better!!!

  6. just delete and dont let it get to you. You’d be amazed how many of those comments I get on mine. Hata someone told me my blog looks bad.

    I needed to rant….!!! That time of the mwezi! Chic, umedecide aje na mdosi wa mine?

  7. Pole my dear. I usually wish them the plague of all things nice in the hope theat they will drown and maybe some good will rub off them 🙂 Stupid I know but makes me feel like such a nice person.

    I know what you mean….lakini sometimes WACHA TUU!!!

  8. lol @ mocholicious wewe ni mkali i see!@ now what did mkundu do again to disever such a scalding from you! lol

    then i see group mentality has checked in and everyone is dissing the poor mkundu jamaa.. kwani people just say yes to whateva mocha all the other posters are tripping over to side with you too funny!!!!

    He/She deserved it seeing as he/she is a coward. I suppose people are siding with me coz they are tired of these hindiots who just hijack your post and tukana you via comments and they don’t know what you are about or they just don’t read your entries properly to get their facts right. This not a case of people saying yes to what I say

    finally PMS is hia huh.. well last week i had my doze from mama watoto …. wacha tu…. but i got the dawa.. watch this ..on how to Soothe the beast within”

    HAHAHAHA…very funny!!!

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