Plani za Weekend!!!



2007……DEFINATELY sikosi!

What am I on about?

MacExpo of course…….besides, they have announce the release of Leopard. I will see it a day later, but still I aint missing this year. With cool new features like Time Machine, Spaces and backdrops as you chat live……..!!! I will bring pics…don’t you worry.

Minor digression……none of us like being late, but sometimes its unavoidable. Today morning I saw a pitiful sight, but why lie, it was funny! Picture a mami running for a bus that has just left the busstop…..only for it to stop at a red light a few yards down the road. Chic runs after the bus begging the driver to let her on. Bilas…..lights turn green and the driver proceeds. Chic is still running after the bus with hands waving for the driver to stop. All this time she was cursing, on the verge of tears and head nodding all over the place. Why lie….watching all this from the top of a double decker bus made my morning. I sometimes run for my bus and miss it, but going to such extremes…!!! End of digression!

 So……what next after MacExpo? Staying in with a few DVDs I got. Sato is movie night! Boring I know, but with the clocks going back….I might as well enjoy that extra hour.

This week – LADIES ONLY……ENJOY!!!

Heather Headley – He Is

Erykah Badu – Love of My Life

Alicia Keys – No One

Goapele – Closer

Monica – Like This and Like That ( What happened after this…..God knows.)

Have a lovely weekend peeps!!!

6 thoughts on “Plani za Weekend!!!”

  1. extra hr means club. I have always been at a club when the time is being pushed back. One extra hr of mwenjoyo

    Trus’ you to come up with that…..I hope you enjoyed!

  2. would have liked to listen to the music but this office comp has no speakers! Have a fab weekend

    Pole….! I hope your weekend was fab!

  3. I thot I was the only one who listened to Goapele, H. Headley! Nice selection. I think the routemaster buses should be brought back – in that case i can dandia while its in motion.

    Thanks. Routemasters should come back…modified of course.

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