MACEXPO ’07 – What a disappointment!!!

I was soooo sooooo disappointed with this year’s show!

Even with a free ticket…..I still felt cheated. Entrance was £15 on the day and I for one felt sorry for those who did pay to get in….compared to last year’s £12.

Apple did not have a stand in the expo, no nano, Leopard, games, etc. Adobe was absent as well and a whole lot more companies compared to the last two years. What happened???

I was looking forward to see the new features on the Adobe CS3, hold and feel the new nano, amongst other things.

The only consolation I have is that I saw a presentation of the new OS, Leopard and I picked up an EyeTV Hybrid from Elgato. Other than that….MacExpoLive 2007 was a poor show!!! Bigger and better……YEAH RIGHT!!!

Click here, here and here for comments from other people who attended.

Sort this out for next year…..PLEASE!!!


11 thoughts on “MACEXPO ’07 – What a disappointment!!!”

  1. yes you are.

    or at least you are a gadget loving techy chica. could be nerdy but you take pics and dj and all kinda cool stuff so not a nerd.

    No, I aint a nerd. I love my gadgets…that doesnt mean I am a nerd!

  2. Sema!

    I’m running leopard & loving it. Great to see Kenyan apple fanboys/girls, Apple is like a religion lol!

    Saw the demo and I can’t wait to upgrade. Serious OS right there…..wacha Vista!!!

  3. Sorry I don’t know too much about Macs but I have heard alot of good things from users like Methu and Modo. However I would have liked to drool over the ipods and the famous iphone.

    I KNOW….that is what I wanted to do, lakini wapi!

    Pole for the disappointment however.


  4. pole about the disappointment lakini think how MADDER you would have been if you had paid the fee.

    Dare I say, new nano is in my handbag………..don’t ask me how it works yet

    Aki if I lipad the entrance, I would have demanded a refund. The new nano is cool huh!!!

  5. mac.. damn i think those PCS are kidogo looking bad.. our boss had one…. i never liked it its like Netscape I dont like it at all

    Don’t knock it until you have tried it!

  6. How sad, a premier mac show such a disappointment for fans and they do not need such right when they were just getting in a foothold in the battle with madirisha ya gates.

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