November Weekender

First…..Happy Diwali to all. May the light of the new year shine brightly!

Damn….more than 5 days and I feel like a stranger in my own blog…..! Something to do with the cold I suppose.

I am having capacity issues with my comp at home. Once that is sorted….I will back to my photosharing days. Something to keep me blogtivated!!! Au?

Seasons……I hooked up with FG this past Saturday. Wish you were there!!! Girl it was nice to see you. Your digs next…sawa?

I miss music from the 80s/90s and thanks to Capital FM Kenya, I get to reminisce about how life was back in the day……jam sessions, soul night at Carni, the kalocal… know, the usual raving with pals etc. Even in school when you write lyrics at the back of your exercise book instead of Bio notes or cut them from the Sunday paper pullout. Damn……those were the days. So………. 

This week (Thanks to Aco) – Down Memory Lane……ENJOY!!!

Karyn White – Hunger

Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity

Al B. Sure – Night and Day

The Boys – Dial My Heart

Natalie Cole – Pink Cadillac (Club Vocal Remix)

Have a pleasant weekend y’all and if you are in the Northern Hemisphere….WRAP UP WARM!!!


8 thoughts on “November Weekender”

  1. Fao! Old school jams always rock! I miss Soul like a nonesense I tell you! Sunday mdundo just isnt the same out here I tell you. Bon weekend!

    WWOOOHOOO….I can see you can now comment on WP. Welcome back. I too, miss Sunday mdundo. It just aint the same. Have a timam weekend too!!!

  2. Memories, memories, memories! I remember the way we used to keep a book of lyrics when we were in primo, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, KBC made sure we had the right lyrics every Saturday (?) night. I agree, there’s no music better than the 90’s music. Have a pleasant weekend 🙂

    LOL…how true! Mpaka there was a compe amongst peeps who had the most lyrics. Have a timam weekend too!

  3. Pink Cadillac! waaaa long time. Enjoy your weekend. Can’t get used to this cold

    Kuna baridi sana….hata mimi sijazoea!!

  4. Now you go and hit me twice!!! First you make me jealous about you and FG meeting then you throw me back in memory with gems like these!!

    You know….it had to be said. Even though FG has forgiven you for pulling a no show…..I havent!

    I am liking and liking- Enjoy the weekend.

    Oh by the way, my time to move your envy juices- am going for 7s in Dubai in two weeks time!!

    SHUT UP!!!! If that is the case…..ebu prep yourself for summer 2008. You are coming to England and Scotland….rolling weekends, so you have no excuse. Still liasing with EGM and Udi about their appearance as well. So…kaa chonjo!

  5. babe , I hope you had a fab weekend. It was nice seeing you although it was a busy day and migraines to boot!
    Ebu jipanga on the 8th of Dec. There’s an frican night happening in Glos. £10 cover inclusive food! The date is confirmed!

    Sawa…will holla via email.

  6. twas the SNS(sartuday Night Show) where lyrics were dictated. The scrapbooks with matching pics from sunday nation. Its not the same now *sigh*

    My sentiments exactly!!!

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