End Month Randomness!!!

Yep……the countdown to Christmas is here.

I have been browsing the net for the usual stuff……to put together my wishlist for the season. Its long…..and I am still working on it, so come 1st Dec, it will be up here for those who are in a giving mood this season.

Finally, The Apprentice has reached Africa. I wonder who the finalists will be and who will rep Kenya. More importantly, who will win. Those watching in Kenya, if you aint wrapped up in the elections…..si you keep us posted.

 So, on Saturday and went and watched American Gangster. Let me confirm for those who haven’t watched it…….don’t expect guns blazing like in Scarface or Godfather. Still, go watch it if you love your gangster movies. It is different in a good way. I enjoyed it. Denzel really nailed the part, even Russell Crowe. I see an Oscar for either one of them if not both.

The part of the movie that did it for me is when one of Frank Lucas’ cronies was cleaning the carpet after he (Frank Lucas) shot his family member in his crib during gathering a of friends. Greed and class….rolled into one. Classic!

So this weekend sees the first of the Rugby Sevens Tournament kick off in Dubai. Good luck to the lads…..you really deserve it this season. Click here for more info and below for the fixtures.

Day One Fixtures

Day Two Fixtures

Well…..go to go make this paper. This lens won’t buy itself.

Before I go……

Yvonne Chaka Chaka – I’m in Love with a Dj (Classic)


6 thoughts on “End Month Randomness!!!”

  1. First things first! That song is a classic! Seems you have kept an eye on what is going down. I will wait for the movie to come out on DVD then I will download it, yes that is how I operate. But mpango this weekend is Beowulf!
    As for the lens, me am a broke ass! I’ll buy you a small instant camera instead! 🙂

  2. I will wait for American Gangster on the big screen it has been getting good reviews. BTW where is 3TOC si I thought she was Denzels biggest fan she should have reviewed it already.

  3. Now you have spoken!!

    The movie is Dope!!( Just exposed my 80’s upbringing by using that word) I loved when Denzel walks out of the coffee shop, shoots a dude and comes back for breakfast!! Classic.

    Dubai sevens;- I leave for Dubai Kesho and will go on to George from there. I have to cheer those boys up.

  4. the acting is timam. nice movie i must say. watched it, yeah kirima it wasn’t an original…couldn’t wait. not after what i had heard and seen online…the site is timam too. oh and the soundrack? gimee them blues, oh yeah.

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