Dubai Sevens Underway

The 7s tournament has already kicked off in Dubai.

Kenya are already a game up and down. Losing to Samoa in their first game and winning against Wales in their second game. They play USA next.

Wales 12 – Kenya 14

Samoa 24 – Kenya 19

Visit the IRB Sevens website for more updates.

Update 17:09  Kenya 12 – USA 7



6 thoughts on “Dubai Sevens Underway”

  1. The boys are playing well although they tend to kick away posession a bit. The game against Samoa was one we should have won or at least drawn. This is a different Kenya team and I belive will do well this season. We are meeting the Boks in the morning and I doubt we can beat on to Plate which I belive we can win. So far, it is the best Dubai 7S we have had.

    The crowd in the stadium was great!!

  2. I schooled with some of those guys sometime back and the Rugby Kenyan team has been my favourite Kenyan sports team 4ever.

    Go Kenya Go Go Go Go Kenya!!!

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