Toughing It Out in George, SA

So tomorrow and Saturday shall see the second of the 7s Tournament Series underway.

Kenya has a tough pool ahead of it, meeting New Zealand (unbeaten), England (we have beat them once or twice) and Zimbabwe (who charazad us in Safari Sevens).

Please visit the IRB website for more info.

I just hope we get more points we deserve to move forward (read 2008/09).

More updates tomorrow…..



6 thoughts on “Toughing It Out in George, SA”

  1. @modo….kweli?

    @farmgal….I hope so too

    @seasons….ahhh, hata wewe. You can’t be everywhere. Why lie though, that is my ultimate dream…tour round the globe supporting the Kenya rugby team.

    @zack….hhmmm, so I have read somewhere else before. Benja must be doing a pretty good job. I sensed that during summer when they finished the 2006/07 season. Changes need to be made.

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