Toughing It Out in George, SA – PART 2

Well, the second leg of the 2007/09 IRB Sevens tournament is underway in George, South Africa.

Kenya are doing pretty well from the news updates on the IRB website.

Having battled their first game, losing to New Zealand 19 – 0 (which isn’t a bad score considering they way they hammer opponents in the 40s), Kenya have managed another upset by beating England 17 – 7.


More updates before I knock off for the day later!!!

Happy Friday and weekend y’all!!!

Update: 1744hrs (UK Time)

Manzee…..even a text from the motherland (read Kenya) confirms the upset at George. Kenya beats England 17 – 7 and have their revenge on foreign soil against Zimbabwe, beating them 15 – 10. This means we are meeting Fiji tomorrow in the 1/4 final for the Cup. God help us there.

Visit the IRB website for more. Also if you are in the UK, highlights are show on Sunday afternoons on BBC2. Check local listings for more details and to be sure.

Again, I wish y’all a happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “Toughing It Out in George, SA – PART 2”

  1. @Modo….LMAO!!! Even me I am thinking the same. I think they were given incentive that EABL walishindwa. A lesson to be learnt here perhaps.

    @kirima….patad a text from egm confirming the same.

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