Glorious Food

Ala….si its that time of the year. So….make sure you have that pair of house pants with a blada on the waist ready. No point in popping off buttons off your favourite outfit.

Since Thursday last week, I didn’t have any Ice Cream in the digs. Yes, I know it is cold out there, but that won’t stop me stocking up. I am addicted to the cold stuff. Going cold turkey is an understatement. Alafu, I know Haagen Daas(Cookies and Cream) is luxury, but does it have to be so expensive. And how come every time I pass by the supermarket the price seems to be a few pence dearer that the last time I bought a tub??? AARRGGHHH…..!!! Tried Skinny Cow, Ben and Jerrys and even the supermarket’s own brand, lakini HD is up there. Well….worth dipping into my pockets for a tub (or two if there is a deal).

So, Saturday saw a bunch of us in C.London to celebrate my pals birthday. One thing is for sure, Africans (read: Kenyans) are crap when it comes to keeping time. Time of ETA with birthday girl, 1930hrs. Actual time of arrival 2100hrs. Enuff said! Luckily, she had company and after fuming for two seconds we headed off to Covent Garden for dinner.

Belgo Centraal is where we ended up and the whole experience was off the hook. Belgian style cuisine and fruit beers, enough to make me start boozing again. Kwanza that Mango one…..YUM! Anyway, I stuck to my soft drink as we waited for our meal. For starters, Mr Mocha and I had Salmon Fishcakes served on a bed of baby spinach and lime and chilli sauce. It was finger-licking good. The rest opted out, but we still shared our starter. Now the main course, which took like forever to get to our table, but definately worth the wait, consisted of Beef cooked in beer with oranges and apples in a thick gravy, lamb shanks, steak with chessy sauce and mashed potatoes, half a duck with sweet chilli sauce and frites aka chips! The portions didn’t look like much, but we were all struggling to finish… especially. I took a ‘doggy bag’ home after getting weird looks from the waiter. There was no way I was leaving that Bata there. The restaurant isn’t exactly as cheap as MacDees……take away nitabeba.

Half a Duck with Sweet Chilli Sauce (served with Frites and no need for Ketchup)

Beef cooked in fruit beer with oranges and apples (served with Frites)

Top left: Lamb Shank (served with Frites) Right: Steak with cheesy sauce

After dinner, we headed of to Leicester Square for a spot of dancing. Ended up in a club called Ruby Blue. Let’s just say, with present company excluded…..the place was shyte, but we still managed to make the most of it and have fun.

Ended the night on a high and I was home at 5ish. Spent the whole Sunday exhasted and in bed.


My condolences to Farmgal and her family during this difficult time. You are in our prayers.


9 thoughts on “Glorious Food”

  1. (putting bullet in gun, aiming, target acquired, cocking gun, firing) right at you! there should be a warning here, bana, now our stomachs are on strike…that food looks off the hook. let me sign out before i short circuit the keyboard…

    (i see a bullet hole in the duck…hunting ducks eh?)

  2. I hear you on Haagen Daas. Alafu even tho they are expensive, si at least they make a bigger tub to make the price worth it?
    The food looked delicious lakini I’m not even drooling. I just have to drop my eyes afew cm down my south and see the pot staring! I’m thinking of a mega master cleanse come early next year…things not looking good at all 😦

  3. uuuwwiiiii cookies and cream and strawberry and cheesecake are my favourite things in zee whole world!!!
    Ati cold out there? yeah but the iceream be going down a warm does the weather affect eating ice-cream?? lol.

    i have gone to the site and checked out the contact on Sato when i kuja Jamhuri Celebrations i will derail paople and their bank cards for bata.

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