Jamhuri Day Celebrations and Guest Artist

This is for the Kenyans in the UK, those who will be visiting in December or those who wish to join us in celebrating Jamhuri Day………


70% confirmed and 30% unconfirmed, Yunasi, winners of the BBC World Service’s Next Best Thing 2007 may perform at the Jamhuri Day Event. Admission will still be £10.

Yunasi – Usilewe (Ndi Ndi Ndi)

For those who will be travelling from far and wide……start preparing and spread the word. As you will notice, the entry fee is reasonable compared to previous years. So let us come together and celebrate this occassion as it is part of our Kenya history and heritage.

Don’t say you weren’t told……..its up there in colour!!!

p.s. If you were in the 2003 celebrations when Gidi Gidi Maji Maji graced us with their presence, this event is in the same venue. It should be easier to find it now that Wembley is complete and SatNavs are more popular. See you there!!!


7 thoughts on “Jamhuri Day Celebrations and Guest Artist”

  1. stocking up on redbull. do you realise this is two weekends of “sleeping in shoes”- the 8th and then the 15th!!!!!!!!

  2. are those UKenyans..hehehe…huko hamna ka march-past hivi with oresdos speech live online kwa giant screen…okay…can’t stop chekaing….

    reminds me of the many reggae posters we’ll start seeing in our streets alongside campaign trash… Jamhuri day natty dread special, jamhuri eve shake my dreads festival, election eve reggae jamboree, election day reggae splash…

  3. Never heard of Yunasi before. They seem to be good, young version of Jabali Afrika i guess. On sato they will be singing that Ndi ndi ndi song to walevis how ironic….lol. Lucky you guys in London that get to have all the fun…*sob*….banjukeni tu life ni fupi so msijifunge!!

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