Thank You for Not Clapping!!!

The Jamhuri Day celebrations at Wembley this past weekend was ok to say the least. The turnout was ok, but could have been better.  I think this due to the fact some people were left disappointed after a gig that was to kick off the previous weekend never did, that a free – entry gig was happening in the eastside of London (why they never want to get out of that area for gigs I don’t know) and some were on their way to the motherland – sunny Nai (lucky sods).

I arrived well after midnight, said my hellos to the usual peeps and new ones like Betty who I didn’t even recognised at first. Girl, we need to catch up again, au??!!!

The Djs on rotation did not disappoint. Like kawa, they threw down some serious mixes.

Yunasi later performed some tracks off their album, but before that they had to do a sound check as they were using live equipment and no playback. People were getting irate as to why they didn’t do it earlier, but they had just come from performing at the 75th Anniversary Concert for BBC World Service at the O2 Arena. Ala, si pia akina Jay Z na Linkin’ Park do sound checks?

Even as they were on stage, 90% of the crowd were not even responding to them from where I was standing……huko mbele. Let’s just say, their second set was cut short and they didn’t even perform their ‘Usilewe’ track. Did Yunasi stick around to mingle? Errrr……NOPE!!! I actually was embarassed for the organisers and Kenyans alike. I am pretty sure they got a better reception at the O2.

In my opinion, Yunasi are great and their performance didn’t rock coz we are used to hearing people who we tend to be familiar with and respond accordingly. If this is the case, up and coming musicians from the motherland have no chance to impress the Kenya public abroad.

I also came to this conclusion, the day the likes of Genge, Kapuka, etc artists perform live with musical instruments like Eric Wainaina, Yunasi, Jabali Africa, etc. then my respect for Kenya music will move up to a totally different high.

Anyway, the event ended slowly and not on the usual high. Perhaps the days of celebrating Jamhuri Day in the UK are slowly coming to an end…….ama?

Saa Zingine Kuwa Serious

Is this dude for real?

4 thoughts on “Thank You for Not Clapping!!!”

  1. First of all I must say a big thanks for those who came to show support to Yunasi on Sato, as well as Jamhuri. It’s a pity that some misguided souls chose to heckle the band, the worse thing is that they came over to the UK for an international competition and they won it and chose to perform at the Jamhuri gig UNPAID straight after a big show at the 02 Arena !!

    As for last minute preparations, yes I agree but it’s because no one had planned for them to come and perform for us until a week before Sato, this is because they were to be here for only a week and the beeb was the one hosting them (which was a bonus).

    Some people say that only an older crowd would appreciate their kinda music, I disagree, as they are all young guys as well and if anyone was at Club Afrique on Friday night to see them perform would know what I mean, as the crowd there really felt them, mostly young people who were dancing and forming circles ki-mugithi and went on to give them tips during their performance! All in all, the bottom line is that we really need to rise up and support our talented bothers and sisters. I agree wth you Mocha, we need to realise there’s more to music than play back, and stage performance with instruments is the real deal…watch this space for more!

    If you wish to listen to more of their music and more, tune in tonight on Voice of Africa Radio on 94.3FM or from 10pm on the LOOK EAST SHOW, for your favourite music from Kenya. You can also call live in the studio for requests, as well as say your opinions on the upcoming general elections in Kenya and what your plans are for the festive season!

  2. enyewe artistes who’s music people are familiar with get better reception, both here and huko…

    all in all hope ulijienjoy!

    enjoy your christmas, and have a lovely new year!

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