Couldn’t Have Said It Better

Dj Dubwise was kind enough to leave the following comment regarding the Jamhuri Gig that just happened. I just hope his view is one shared by many otherwise, NEW Kenyan artists whether in Kenya or touring abroad have no hope. Support has to start from the beginning…..a trait that fans need to adopt AND FAST!!!

Big up Dubwise!!

“First of all I must say a big thanks for those who came to show support to Yunasi on Sato, as well as Jamhuri. It’s a pity that some misguided souls chose to heckle the band, the worse thing is that they came over to the UK for an international competition and they won it and chose to perform at the Jamhuri gig UNPAID straight after a big show at the 02 Arena !!

As for last minute preparations, yes I agree but it’s because no one had planned for them to come and perform for us until a week before Sato, this is because they were to be here for only a week and the beeb was the one hosting them (which was a bonus).

Some people say that only an older crowd would appreciate their kinda music, I disagree, as they are all young guys as well and if anyone was at Club Afrique on Friday night to see them perform would know what I mean, as the crowd there really felt them, mostly young people who were dancing and forming circles ki-mugithi and went on to give them tips during their performance! All in all, the bottom line is that we really need to rise up and support our talented bothers and sisters. I agree wth you Mocha, we need to realise there’s more to music than play back, and stage performance with instruments is the real deal…watch this space for more!”


One thought on “Couldn’t Have Said It Better”

  1. I am a big fan of live music ie bands. When done well it is an art and will always guarantee revenue because you shall grow a steady fan base.
    I think as long as the artiste tried their best, booing is totally uncalled for. Anyway we shall wait for the next performance and see how it goes……..

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