Saa Zingine Kwa Serious

So Lucy Kibaki was in the headlines recently for slapping someone in a public function at State House…..well well,  guess she missed the limelight, huh?

See erased footage here!

Now this in turn has sparked a few debates here and there. To be honest though, is this dude for real? I will let you be the judge and don’t blame me for lost time……sijui time you will never get back, yada yada, yada!


7 thoughts on “Saa Zingine Kwa Serious”

  1. hallo Mocha!
    long time-hope you’re well!
    love the man’s pronunciation of “choovenist” vote wisely won’t you Mocha!
    merry Christmas and happy new year!

  2. Hi you. Youtube is kidogo slowest in Nai but I have to see that footage. Lucy is an international embarrassment and should be sent home on 27th.

    That said, happy holidays Mocha!!

  3. Kenya has laws to protect individual rights and the first lady has no right within the laws to slap an individual no matter what but to follow the law.It was never about Ida, the world is now laughing at Kenya.Shame on you for making it an Ida issue.The first family needs to sort out their house.

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