Teaching someone how to use one of these, not once…..but a few times!

Clearly common sense not common to all!


13 thoughts on “HAIR PULLING MOMENT”

  1. Aiii how now? I checked the link waiting to see sijui a car/plane tractor heck even shaving machine. Lakini………..let me not spoil

  2. @aegeus….you know!


    @Aco….believe me, I wasn’t laughing at the time(s).

    @Pointi…..I know what you mean.

    @Candybox…….yep, link correct.

  3. eeeeeeerrrrrrrrr if they (the royal “they”) stopped calling it common sense it would then be common.

    Lakini one of two things could have happened are they are bad student or are you the bad teacher? nikuliza tu becoz seriously. I think they were just having a bad day, not enough oxygenated blood getting to the brain ama they just didn’t want to learn. I am trying to be the devil’s advocate here, then again they are not paying me.


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