Huh? Moment!

 ?thgir ot tfel morf etirw syawla ew od yhW

Just incase you didn’t get that…….. 

 Why do we always write from left to right?

Ok…you can tell I have time on my hands. Actually I am bored.

 Other than the excitment from the motherland, this year started off well. After all, I ushered it in with Mr Mocha…….aawwww! (Sitaki kusikai, pass the sick bucket….3toc you have been warned)

 I haven’t managed to pitia your blogs, but I hope you lot are doing ok. Nimewa miss na kublog pia…..just haven’t had the time and the content. Brain said NO! Besides, trying to organise your life can be time consuming esp. if you have goals.

This year will bring me closer to the big 30 and that has put my brain into overdrive. Thinking of the things I should have done by then and how to go about it. Won’t go into so much detail, but one thing is this…..I hope I get to strike off a few things off my list this year. One down…..several to go.

So……four years bila keroro. Damn, I didn’t think that I would toboa this long bila alcohol. I used to skuma Vodo, Brandy, Dark Rum and Redds when I was in Nai. Now, I barely even drink a bottle of water when I am out. Good side is that I never spend any cash on expensive drinks, but people get offended buying be drinks only to find out I only want a soft one. And dealing with drunks can be irritating…..!

Am I the only one or is Britney getting too much publicity? Just when I thought 2007 was too much…..ameanza na 2008 pia.

Aaaiiii…ok, I am running on low blogging content. Blog you lot tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Huh? Moment!”

  1. now why am I receiving warnings. and why would I be asking for the sick bucket to be passed- I took my anti-malarials before going on holiday so sina malaria

    All I can say for Britney Spears is “oopps I did it again!”

  2. @3toc…warnings have to be issued. Cheki vile you have kujad here speedy.

    @candybox….it wasnt easy, but it has been done.

    @pointi….lol! I can remember that feeling. Everyone being merry but you.

    @Xs…stop encouraging peeps to start a home bar when they havent got one.


    @aegeus…..i raise mine back. Lakini ni mkebe ya Redbull.

    @dooaz…..weee, mi si fala. I remember that vodo is a spirit. Used to tandika that thing on the rocks on an empty stomach. Good times I tell you until I wake up.

    @bryjoe….i am bila tips. Just loads of will power and reminding myself that I can still have fun bila being intoxicated. Besides, the amount of money I save on a night out makes me glad that I quit. All I have to worry about is entrance, cab and the occational water which I buy only one for the whole night as I am not a maji person. If you still want to ona me kando….

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