Manners Please!

“Asiye funzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na ulimwengu.”

Translation (‘direct’): If your mother doesn’t show you the ways of the world, then the world shall show you its ways.

This week saw teenagers being jailed for kicking a man to death because he was tired of the anti-social behaviour of teenagers in his neighbourhood having confronted them. This in return has roused an ongoing debate about anti-social behaviour among teenagers especially and it being fueled by alcohol and drugs. It raises alot of questions about the upbringing of children in the UK and at what level should one accept responsibility.

As a society, trying to discipline a child that aint yours may land you in jail. Compared to Kenya where you vandalise the neighbours property he will be the one to displine you with full permission from your parent and after the neighbour is done, your parent will discipline you as well.

This brings me to what I witnessed today and how it relates to upbringing and the responsibility of the parent to teach their kids right from wrong.

In London, travelling on the bus is free to school going children (I think until 15/16 year olds), but if you look old enough to buy alcohol, you have to have a photo ID buspass allowing you travel for free that you must touch in. So today, as I waited for my bus, a bus was being held up by the driver because this so called ‘adult looking’ teenager refused to show his buspass. This went on for a five minutes making the bus and the passengers late. I was glad it wasn’t my bus…..

……boy was I wrong.

When my bus arrived, it too had a driver that wasn’t taking any shyte from the teenagers. He was checking them throughly, but as I got closer to my destination, two women (one of which was pregnant) boarded the bus with a school kid. The driver insisted on seeing his pass but the ladies were complaining on his behalf. They started shouting(with obsenities) the bus down and dinging the bell continously. Yaani, the whole bus was in shock coz these were two adults acting like ten year olds they expect their kids to be behaved. Children are copycats and they mimick what they see around them. So if this is how they behave in public, what will stop the child from doing the same when he/she is with their friends, etc. The whole incident was just appaling to say the least.

All I can say is parents first need to take responsibility for their children. If not, the state should take over and put them in bootcamps. That should straighten them up.

As for the loud speaker music on public transport, its only a matter of time before someone is hurt trying to tell the noise-marker to use their headphones before something is done about this. Its a nuisance. Listening to garage music in the morning or when you have had a long day is not what you want as you travel on the bus or train.

Enough rambling for now……whilst I am on the subject of music, its been a minute since I did my weekly round-up.

Dave Amstrong & Redroche feat. H. Boogie – Love Has Gone

Chanel (Carl Ryden Remix) – Dance (Summer hit 2008…watch this space)

Booty Luv – Some Kinda Rush

Ida Corr v Fredde Le Grand – Let Me Think About It (Lovin’ this one at the moment. Fredde is a just musically hot.)

Claude von Stroke – The Whistler (This track is the closest I could find with the song. It has been mixed with Destination Calabria accapella)

Happy weekending y’all. Stay safe, warm, dry and most of all blessed to be who you are!!!


10 thoughts on “Manners Please!”

  1. Kids in the West are demons and the parents are a major part of the problem too. Because I too have seen adults acting the fool in the presence of their kids and we wonder why the kids turn out the way they do with this trash brand of parenting.
    Ain’t no way in hell I am havin kids out here.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I think they should start punishing parents for the kids mistakes! (am just saying if parents don’t teach their kids, they should be taught)

  3. you are right about the parents not taking responsibility for their children. but part of the problem is that alot of kids are already having kids. and then there is such a culture of “blame someone else for your faults” that I want to bang my head on a wall. There was once GMTV was doing a story on this lady who had three teenage daughters- one year the eldest daughter got pregnant (at 16), then the next year the next daughter got pregnant and then the next year the third daughter got pregnant. Guess who their mum blamed……………..THE GOV’T. For crying out loud, did the Gov’t take your girls to bed? And surely hen daughter number one got pregnant you would think, she would sit the other girls down for a “chat” and then daughter number two goes down the same road- AT THIS POINT ALARM BELLS SHOULD HAVE KEPT RINGING. “I AM NOT DOING SOMETHING RIGHT”………..nnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo she waited to blame the GOV’T.Kwani the Gov’t stays at her home.And guess who these girls will grow up to blame- the GOV’T.
    Kids here- I don;t mess with. The can shout at me all the want but I will never react- THEY WALK ARMED WITH KNIVES.
    But that atitude I don’t allow in work- your and your parent will be matched out so fast- all I have to do is press panic button and say I felt threatened in my work.Take your dirty mouth to the trash not in my work place. Kids here- are unbelievable.

    Yaani if I ever have kids here, I will lock the doors to my house, make sure it is sound-proof and discipline my kids like I know how.

  4. I was talking to a friend here about the show Nanny 911. She was saying that she didn’t believe those situations could all be real given the level of behaviour exhibited by the children. I told her that not only was it real, but that I had seen some of the more bizarre acts in person. Case in point: I’m in the supermarket on the checkout line. This little boy of not more than 5 years calls his father some names. The father is like, son, that is not a good thing to say to your father. The boy goes ahead and responds to that by calling his father stupid. Nakwambia, I just didn’t know how to react to that. Especially since the faterh didn’t so much as raise his voice to the boy about that. Just tried reasoning with him. Jameni!

    I also saw a woman curse out a driver who stopped suddenly at a point on the road where she shouldn’t have been walking along. She had two children in tow, the eldest not more than 8 years. Yet the words coming out of her mouth woulda made the hardiest sailor blush.

    A friend tells of his encounter with some women whose kids has damaged his car. While trying to get them to admit to the deed and get some payment for it, those women turned on him with choice heavy words, claiming their little angels would never be capable of what he was implying. Dude decided to just pay for the damage and move out of that neighbourhood first chance he got.

    Pole this has become a post in itself!

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