Mangoma za Weekendi – EA Special

It been awhile since I touched on the EA music scene.

I got some tunes off my pals comp and a few were ‘quite good’, thought I share. Ok, the ones I could find videos to on YouTube.

Disclaimer: Old or not, Kenyans in the Dispora are kinda clueless to the latest jams. So kama uko EA, this post may dissappoint. Who am I kidding? It may disappoint most of you.

OK… goes:

Nonini feat. Bobby – Mtoto Mzuri (REMIX)

Topband feat. Mr Blue – Nilikata

Nikki – Niwe Wako Milele

STL feat. Michelle – Taking It Back

Longombas – Chukua

EABC feat. Peter Miles – Combination

Ali Kiba – Cinderella

Happy Weekend y’all!!!


6 thoughts on “Mangoma za Weekendi – EA Special”

  1. @modo….hapo, umenena!

    @super….i know what you mean. The song aint all that but I still dance when I hear it.

    @Nakeel….true! Strong kabisa. How are you and the lil’ one?

  2. If you go to youtube and type ‘genge’ and get results on the basis of the date added you can get updated pretty quick. There is also Mashada TV and Ilkahara (I know I spelled that wrong) who do a good job of collecting videos on Youtube so look out for their Youtube profiles. is also a good place to make sure you are never left behind 🙂

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