One Down, 11 to Go!

January has come and gone!!!

A great start for some of us, but a bad start for most.

Kenya is in turmoil, but my prayers are on going.

Sina mengi leo, just revamped to an old template as the image header is one that I am proud of.

A Song for Peace


7 thoughts on “One Down, 11 to Go!”

  1. am crossing my fingers,feet ,the worksthat this month will be about love only:for the country,for our neighbours.they say love can overcome everything so maybe if we love our country that much we’ll fix it together with love.

  2. And echoing what Bryjoe wrote, I sure hope the quote shared to us by Farmgal from MLK will be something our leaders live out instead of just quoting emptily!

  3. I am deeply saddened by the wake of events after the election. We have lost soo many lives and it now seems that the people who started all this are unable to stop.Its a pity that somethings happen just as we watch them in broad day light. I feel sick to my stomach if i imagine all the innocent kids and women burning because someone thinks they are in the wrong place and they should have been born in another place.Lets all respect human rights and stop these genocide….it happened in Rwanda …we should have learnt our lessons by now….it can also happen in kenya

  4. interesting how we’ve even forgotten that jan is usually a hot month.

    that one month was terrible, let’s make the next one better. i’m with bryjoe, a month of love…

    thanks for sharing…for peace!

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