Kenya Shines in San Diego

Kenya manages to come out of the States with 12 points, putting them at sixth place on the IRB Sevens table.

After a disappointing leg in Wellington, New Zealand, Kenya have made a much improved performance in San Diego by reaching the semi-final for the Cup after beating England 17 – 7. New Zealand were a tough side to beat to the cup final as that would have proved to be a major upset in the history of Sevens tournament. Losing to them 50 – 10 was a minor triumph on its own.

Well done lads!!!


10 thoughts on “Kenya Shines in San Diego”

  1. Kenya vs. England, who were you supporting? Your host or your motherland? And don’t say it’s obvious.

    Congrats to Kenya. At least something good for a change to be reported about beautiful Kenya.

  2. @FG…indeed. Can’t wait for Eng/Scot tour. Don’t forget the sisal skirts.


    @Gish….BACK INDEED!

    @modo….yep, it is great news.

    @bomseh…wacha siasa! Kenya of course. Hata hapa, I support the Scots.

  3. The tournament was mzuri! Did you hear England refused to share a locker room with Kenya? Serves them right too our jamaas kicked a** by them. The team looks to be on the verge of taking it to the next level but like we say with New Zealand, we are still some ways away.

  4. missed san diego this year but my jamaas who cam back on monday was like it really happenned! kwanza the after hours evens dubbed “ONE COUNTRY ONE PARTY …

    naskia it was timam and my kalenjin balls missed …it..

  5. @Magaidi…ATI THEY DID WOT??? Good thing we charazad them the hindiots. Sasa…wapi picha?

    @kip….shame on you! I can see you are in the ‘I wish I was there’ club! Your balls must be hurting huh?!?

  6. I am always proud of the Kenya Rugby team; whether they win or lose. They always put their all on the field.

    Let’s Go Kenya, let’s Go!

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