Red Roses are SOOOOO cliché

Sick bucket individuals exit here…..


So Mr Mocha surprised me with lilies and it was such a nice sentiment coz I mentioned kitambo how I love them. So….he goes and gets them for Valentine’s Day. White is the new Red! The bouquet was so tall and huge I had to trim it to size. Luckily it fit the only vase I own….which he also bought when he bought me roses last year. Yaani, how sweet is this jamaa????


egm….see my DSLR mag collection. Kuna publication zingine, but that one is on top of my list.

Now the above just put a smile on my face mpaka you can see the wisdom teeth…LOL!

Kesho, off to see Afrika! Afrika! at the O2, can’t wait. I hope they allow photography so I can take some pics and share with you guys.

Now….this jamaa just made my day. Chilvary is not dead and if you love someone, there are no bounds to what you can do for that person.

Don’t hate the player……hate the game!!!

Have a lovely weekend people!

On my Nano: Brian McKnight – Love of my Life


13 thoughts on “Red Roses are SOOOOO cliché”

  1. I love the flowers i think red roses are over-rated! As for the helicopter guy, i think if i were the chic i would not have been collected like she was…no way! Am wondering is it because dude does such things often ama ni-how? Coz she doesnt look any bit excited. I wonder what he will do for next year..

  2. kwani the dude in a helicopter had a flat tyre ama nini?
    sorry hating the player, now off to hate the game. errr which game? ni snakes and ladders? some go up others down!

  3. I thought flowers were too cliche (even the company I work for bought a rose for all employees!) so settled for lunch then delivered a gift later (couldn’t buy it earlier coz she was running out of time). We haven’t communicated since. This love has taken it’s toll on me…

  4. enyewe that dude tried ! over my dead body…. me am like if a woman pendas my makendes .. i dont need mauas to show that my makendes penda here…

    its good to see that life is back to normal in kenya though!

  5. Stack of mags, I like! I got the back issues in the mail on Saturday. I’m in mag heaven! Too bad I couldn’t get the Feb and October issues. Still, good reading.

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