Ulevi Heights


How much do you need to drink to reach this level? 

I went out of Friday and on my way home just outside the club I see this sorry sight. Dog shit, puke, spit, etc. anyone!

I bet he woke up the following day with an aching neck and possible a rash on his face to boot.

Money shot or what?


15 thoughts on “Ulevi Heights”

  1. He dead? Poor sod 😦 I had to put that out there.
    Glad I stopped drinking cos man, not being in control of all your faculties does suck, trust.

    How is Mocha?

  2. @archer…I was there and I saw the bucket of wine he was buying. Dude was definately drunk to this level.

    @FG…ni ulevi. There was no fight juu, bouncers would have called the cops to sort it out. Believe me, I have see bouts hapo inje ya hiyo club and cops are there in minutes.

    @Gish…I know what you mean. I don’t miss alcohol either. I be fine…na wewe?

    @3N….ati what? A good samaritan to a mlevi…bilas. Tried it once to a mama who was asthmatic all I got were insults. Now a person I don’t jua???

    @Pointi…even we (Mr Mocha and I) were wondering the same thing. Kwani he didn’t have his pals with him or they were unaware he was outside on the pavement.

    @Aco…my jamaa doesn’t drink to that state thank God!

    @Kabras….see the response I gave 3N. NO! Besides…I was boarding a night bus and the dere was waiting for me to finish snapping the dude.

    @Bomseh…nah! The tumbo was moving.

    @modo…speaking from experience are we!? 😉

  3. hehehehe! Hii mambo ya kuwaka alafu you blackout like that is mbaya sana. He needs to seriosuly check into rehab!!
    @Mocha how do you survive going out will pals who are boozing? I love my bacardi limon but havent touched alcohol since new years eve {kukosa wakati}!

  4. @Ebony….He needs to see this pic as a reality check. Aki, going out with people who booze is a challenge, but I look at it as the wiser one as I am not intoxicated.

    @3TOC…..I hear you on the fatherhood bit. I pity the girlfriend/fiance/wife.

    @Gish…..drugged?? Nah! I don’t think so. I just hope he got home safely in the end.

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