Plans za Weekend?

Last weekend I went to watch the sensational show Afrika! Afrika! at the O2 in London.

It was off the hinges. From the dudes who do their thing on poles, to the dude who spun nine basins….if you have a chance and are in London, get the tickets and go watch this show. Its running until 31st of March (extended to this date).

This chic was the star of the show for me…… I was shifting and wincing as I watched her perform. She has definately got talent.

I have qualms with the organisers though…..PLEASE PUT IT AROUND THE VENUE AND WEBSITE THAT PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE ACTUAL SHOW IS NOT ALLOWED. Being flashed with a red laser beam by the ushers as a sign for you to stop taking pictures is not on. If it was announced at the start of the show…..well, for late comers, how are they supposed to know? Managed to sneak a few though!

Inside the Auditorium

Picture Gallery 

Also, the limited sitting areas should not be obstructed. You have to see everything to appreciate the show. I pity the people who bought tickets for e.g. Block E-Row 1 Seat 25-26…….you won’t see nada unless you are there for the music.

Otherwise, the show is worth the FULL VIEW ticket prices. If you decide to go…..don’t get the limited view tickets. The view is indeed limited (see above pic – the column on the right of the pic). Spoils the whole vibe and pleasure of the show.

To sum it up: A fantabulous show!!! One you cannot afford to miss!

Moving on, this weekend I am going Paintballing and Focus on Imaging (not on the same day). A girl has to keep herself busy.

Whatever you get up to this weekend, be safe!

6 thoughts on “Plans za Weekend?”

  1. this mama was featured by is it shamra shamra? me tink so, she’s scary bana. i can imagine you trying to ngeta her, then in a second she’s ngetaing you instead and with her feet. potential lakini…hhehehe.

    enjoy thy weekend, paintballing is the shiznit. played it twice and i’m still hooked. there i here kwanza the guns vary….aw men, tell us all about it.

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