Easter Weekender

Gosh…..it feels like I have neglected my blogging duties badly.

Too much going on at once.

I have been busy attending baby showers and birthdays (March babies ni wengi..damn) that I barely have time to chill over the weekend.

To y’all in Nai enjoying with FG…….MUSHINDWE!!!!

So, Easter is upon us once again. I have to say, like Christmas…it has become to commercial. Easter eggs, bunnies, etc. anyone??? What happened to Christ dying for our sins? I will take time and say a prayer.

Anyway…….gigs gigs gigs coming up for me this weekend. I hope I will bring more on them come Tuesday. Just have to confirm tickets, etc.

Anyway, sina mengi leo…..just here to wish y’all a Happy Easter weekend.

I will leave with the following randomly selected tracks to set the ball rolling…..

Ali Kiba – Nakusihi Mrembo (This dude is the latest hit out of East Africa…timam!)

Snoop Dogg – Sensual Seduction ( Love this song to bits)

Erykah Badu – Honey (This track is one repeat on my iPod….the album is just psychadelically HOTT!!!)

Ne-Yo – Go On Girl (I bought the album that has this song and I was suprised how good it is…not a Ne-Yo fan, but his music is aiight) 

Wenyeji – Mizani (Kenyan Hip-Hop at its best…..reminds me of K-Shaka when they started…Happy Days)


11 thoughts on “Easter Weekender”

  1. Enjoy your easter!
    Ali kiba reminds me of primary school.. I don’t know why?
    And I finally understood why Ne-Yo always wears a cap!

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