What I Got Up To…

I had the most wonderful Easter weekends ever. Hitting three cities……but like any mwejoyos, comes a down part and mine was getting back home. Anyway, here is what I got up to: 

So I went to the 1Xtra Live in Coventry and the following artists were featured:

Taio Cruz – Moving On

Estelle – Shine (Live Later..with Jools Holland)

Tami Chynn – Hyperventilating

Craig David – Hot Stuff (Let’s Dance)

Lupe Fiasco – Dumb It Down

Jay Sean – Maybe

Wiley – Wot You Call It (I am not into the UK sound but Wearing My Rolex is my fav Wiley track)

Akon – Mama Africa

Kelly Rowland – Work (In my opinion…..WWAAAAAYYYY better than Beyonce & prettier too)

Akon and his crazy mohican, kilt wearing Dj was the finale and they rocked the crowd throughly. His shoe was stolen though as he was in the crowd area. Very hilarious to say the least. To be honest….the line-up was off the hook and they all rocked. I missed Taio Cruz as my pals and I waited for another pal of ours to park their moti. Pics….KIBAO, just trying to sort them out. egm saw me reppin’ vibaya.

After the gig….we went to sleep and next day headed up to Manchester where we watched Super Sunday in a pub. Man U v Liverpool and Chelsea v Arsenal. Timam games…..at least Man U won and I was happy with that. We later chilled at my pals place until later on went out clubbing. After the club, my pals and I drove to Glasgow.

The view as we approached the Scottish highlands was breathtaking. Snow capped hills and mountains and the sunrise……..shame we couldn’t stop to take pics, but I managed a few from the car.

Reached Glasgow at 9 am, showered and went straight to bed. Our host was really nice. Prepared a feast for us and later our driver was worse for wear…..so the non drivers like me had to figure a way back. As it was the holidays, everything was booked up, but I managed to catch the first train back to London at 5 am. I was just glad I got seats coz the train was 90% booked.

I had a fabolous weekend….I couldn’t go into detail as I am kidogo busy, but hopefully the pics will paint a better picture.

Love y’all!


7 thoughts on “What I Got Up To…”

  1. It seems a good Easter was held all round except for me who was in bed with a flu.

    Just wanted to say I am feeling that Taio Cruz album

  2. Now we are just waiting for the pics of the mocha tour, I’m sure your millions upon millions of fans were over the moon when you checked in!

  3. Heard there was an east african party! didnt you go?
    Serves Akon right for snobbing Kenya!
    Ps: nitajibu… too much drama

  4. oh no…u went to that concert?…its like everyone i meet or talk to anywhere seems to have gone there, except me…damn…
    anyhow, i watched the perfomances on digital and i have to say looks like i didnt miss much sana…ok maybe its consoling myself!

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