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Yaani….some mamis are just an embarassment to other women.

Take a look at this mami…..I have to admit, as a chic….I acknowledged that she had a timam body, but this pic brings new meaning to….”If you got it, flaunt it.”

Chic was a ‘tomboy’ in a dress…or should I say sweater masquerading as a dress. The dude in the pic was catching rubs with her that it kept going up to her waist. Alafu, when she sits down and the dude continues to catch rubs….she sits legs apart. Thank God she was wearing leopard print panties.

Did she have pals, I hear you ask? Yep…..but they weren’t bovvered!!!

I can’t wait to read your comments on this one…….


27 thoughts on “Jamani???”

  1. Please don’t tell me that this was a Kenyan bash, but the fact that he has a pint in his other hand gives me the impression it was. Yenyewe we Kenyans have to clean house!

  2. @Aco….it wasn’t a Kenyan bash. A club in Manchester with mchanganiko maalum of peeps.

    So waiting for your take on this pic now you know it aint Kenyans for once.

  3. Well at least for once Kenyans weren’t acting the fool but still that dress is a bit extreme for the club, that and flashing the panties. Plus aren’t leopard skin panties just tacky?!

    They are…..when seen!!!

  4. That’s a top!!! Is it the African joint in Man u I ask?

    It is a top. I don’t know if its specifically African as it was quite a mixed crowd huko.

  5. I knew that the credit crunch pinch is setting in on the UK economy – this is a confirmation of my worst fears – the price of material is directly related to the size.

    The makes sense but how can she hold on assuming this is the beginning of hard times? Only hope nguo za majamaa will not be affected! (Imagine — YUK!)

    I for one wouldn’t mind buff jamaas walking around bila shirts, lakini hairy chest, pot-bellies, etc………INDEEDI, YUK!!!

    PS: So who took the timam pic?

    Who else?

  6. i know of more yumy joints. but then hey……this can only be madchester…pmsl

    If I knew super….I would have hollad ukuje ujione. Judging from your comments….looks like this would have been a kawa thing for you.

  7. Must admit she has has good legs on her….but did she have to dress that way??

    I did acknowledge the fact she has a good mwili…..lakini she just went over board hapa.

  8. people, people, people- maybe just maybe someone stole her trousers/jeans just as she was about to enter the club. Ama it rained while she was on her way to the club and the long dress shrunk.

    I think it rained/sleeted and the kasweater shrunk.

    Now if that one gets pneumonia- the cure is just a slap.

    Couldn’t agree more.

  9. lol… I have to confess I’m trying really hard to find something nasty to say about the pic but I can’t … I guess I’m too desensitized.. *sheepish*

    Hypothetically speaking , would it have been ok if the sweater dress was a few inches lower ? just enough to cover her ass?

    It was a sweater….period. No dress should be added after sweater. At the end of the day, she tried to improvised ‘MTV’ style and it wasn’t working to her moral favor.

  10. hmmmmmm! very interesting comments….. i’ll be back with mine after i analyse the said picha

    Enough analysing……comment already.

  11. Isn’t Manchester supposed to be in the cold northern regions?

    Yep…it is in the COLD northern regions

    Fortunately for her the goods on display aren’t bad at all (except perhaps said leopard print…)


  12. lmao..ai Mocha you are killing me…as in a sane woman leaves the house with butt cheeks exposed hivyo?! And how did she suppose people would take her dressed like that?..classy?

    My clique and I were wondering the same thing. And the way it was cold on that night. I bet you she has a bad cold that is refusing to shift.

  13. lol!@ kelitu..i think i love it that way, honestly..aii..c that jamaa was lucky..

    He was lucky indeed…..but at what price?

  14. The girl has a good pair of legs. If she wants to flaunt it, let it be.
    I agree with you lakini there has to be a ‘lady-like’ way of doing it. A lady she wasn’t on the night.

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