The End Is Here

So, I have been on holiday for a week now…..for me its Monday to Friday……as Mama Mocha! is was in town. Tomorrow she leaves for Nai and I shall miss her dearly.

I has been fun catching up and talking about everything.

Its funny how roles have reversed and I am looking after her and her wellbeing.

Its getting emotional for me…..wacha I leave it for now and go spend the finally moments with her.

Have a timam weekend y’all and blog you next week.



7 thoughts on “The End Is Here”

  1. Admit it…it feels nice to take of her for a change?

    Enjoy your weekend…. Kenya cup starts( a bit nervous) but we should do well.

  2. Yeah its funny the older you grow the more protective you find yourself over your folk true role reversal. Hope she is home safe by now.

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