How It Went Down

Location: Local eatery

Time: Last orders aka 10pmish

Mood: Somber

My pal, her daughter and mum and my mum sat down for dinner just before last orders. Mr Mocha! and my pal’s fiance were yet to arrive.

Several phone calls later, they say they are on their way……but we hear noise in the background like they are in a pub. Anyway, we went ahead and took their food order as they were clearly not going to make it before last orders for meals.

Fast forward to meal reaching our table and the lads still haven’t arrived. Their food is getting cold and my pal and I were getting kidogo worried and annoyed. Kwani where were they? We tried calling again and this time they decided to lenga our phone calls.

My mum and my pal’s mum are kidogo not impressed, but luckily, the jamaaz arrive apologising for being late. Dinner went on as planned and we had a merry old time.

After our meal, Mr Mocha! excuses himself to go to the gents.

Upon his return, he starts fidgeting and I ask him to sit down quite a number of times. Out of nowhere he says he has something to say……and goes on this long speech about my mum, her journey back to Nai, etc. Shortly…………….I hear “….and there is one more thing.” and Mr Mocha! goes down on one knee. To be honest, from here it was all a blur……all I remember that I kept on saying was “Are you serious?” “Kwa serious!” repeatedly. A read box being pitishwad by my pal’s fiance and like they say……the rest is history in the making.

The Ring

This is the ring I got for my engagement and I am so happy to share this with you. Unfortunately, I have to go and have it refitted as it did not fit on the day.

Well there you have it………! I hope it was worth the wait!


32 thoughts on “How It Went Down”

  1. egm….thanks

    3N…..thanks again.

    Archer….what do you mean? Kwani I will pata sharks ama ni what? Wacha I hear you announcing the same……

  2. Congrats!!! Since we presume you found your voice and said Yes.
    Actually went down on one knee wow! (note to self THAT actually works!) Wishing you all the best.

  3. wololololololololololololoo and those were my vingelegele.
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sii baado, I am going.

  4. sniff,sniffle,snifflet there are extracts from your story that you have chosen to edit,hmmmm, but nonetheless, congratz and much love to 2 of ma fav people

  5. OOps pole…As you step into a lifetime of togetherness I wish for you all happiness that life can bring! Congratulations on your engagement Mr and {soon to be} Mrs Mocha where the party @?

  6. 3toc…..thanks! are my mabuyus still edible?

    ebony….party??? for what??? thanks for the wishes though

    udi….i am still waiting to see you here come next month. otherwise, invite bilas!

    nakeel…..thank you!!!

  7. I’m late. I know. Very late. But, that’s a precious little story. Can’t help but like Mr Mocha when he pulls off something like that.

    Congratulations to the both of you.

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