Ati Club Banger? Aiiii No!!!

Ok….after ‘My Neck, My Back’…..I kinda believe how this tune can be a club banger. Eeeehhhh, I can’t begin to imagine a mami, kwanza a Kenyan one telling her jamaa this.

Play at your own risk. Please make sure your speakers are not on loud if you risk losing your job.

Now that you have listened to the track….please pass by the comment section and leave a word or two!


14 thoughts on “Ati Club Banger? Aiiii No!!!”

  1. Mocha!
    no comment about the err….”song”….err……moving on swiftly!
    mine is to say a belated congratulations on your engagement!
    all the best to you and Mr.Mocha
    ubarikiwe sana

  2. You changed your template and its oh so innocent…Then I now hear you are engaged..why I didnt know this earlier..I cant fathom….and you decided to post what? Smell my what? No..thats not a club banger

  3. This song cracked me up! They took forever to make a video though since now that song is old news out here. Ati let me smell your…. But club banger it ain’t!

  4. haha ati ask what?!
    the man will ask let me smell ur pussy?!! alafu what shall u do?!! even those chis are suspect kwani they theink the chap wouldn’t clean up!! ttabia mbof!!

  5. LMAO! who the hell writes this songs? how now? where is the teacher who used to tell you to wash your mouth with soap? And then si the guy will take a shower, how will smelling the ehhhh help? I’ll stop!
    I miss the old template, I loved the kenyan thing

  6. luke…..azande zana! Umepotelea wapi wewe?

    seasons…..I even blogged about how Mr Mocha did it. I suggest you pitia archives. I agree….club banger hapana!

    aco….for some of us songs like these fika these sides like the following year.

    31337… would be surprised.

    sultrynutter………tabia mboff kabisa. Aaiiii when dude is chomokaing a mami’s digolos at 5am, the last thing he would want to do is shower. Perhpas the smell of soap would give it all away???

    sunnykay…….lmao at how downtown it is. Thanks for our wishes and glad you enjoy the blog.

    Pointi…….to the song writer, person has guts! As for my blog, May is my birth month….so had to change the blog.

  7. Yeah I heard this song sometimes back and I thought I was hearing my own things…its just wrong!!!….lol.

  8. Mocha,
    i’m flying low under the radar these days, but not too low to know whats going on!
    that song is a travesty and i refuse to comment about it even in my second comment!

  9. iam torn between the right to free speech and expression,and the abuse of this right by some people.Personally i think music has a deeper and in some ways more impacting than any other art people should be more responsible with what they put out there,ausio?

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