Would You Like some of my Pu…..?

Edging on from the previous post……..

A pal of mine offered and I almost slapped him? Then again, I was like….he is a HE. Why is he offering some of his p@*&y? Did he want a threesome with his wifey and me ama ni what?

Until he whipped out his phone to show me a pic of this.

I will let you lot drawn your own catch phrases and comments…….dooaz, this one should get your creative juices flowing.

By the way, can it be marketed in Kenya?


12 thoughts on “Would You Like some of my Pu…..?”

  1. LMAO you was played! I can see you getting pissed off till a drink was shown to you. I think you can market that in Kenya easily seeing as to most Kenyans a pussy is a cat and not a vajayjay.

  2. LMAO….some of these brand names…you just gotta shake your head! Am imagining myself at a bar counter asking for the drink…can I please have a pussy on ice…lol

  3. Now where is that email address? Am trying to see you kando for the shirt sizes( Now that you are two..am I getting two?)

    Am making my plans and may leave here next week( old school reunion)

  4. Ebony…..saw it in the shops and I couldn’t resist buying it. I am yet to see what it tastes like.

    Seasons….i have ’emailed’ you. Holla when you are in the UK airspace…ok, when you land.

  5. That product will sell very well here…. actually anywhere in the world…. yes modo, lets see what you do with one! Am sure it will be a killer!

  6. 3N….indeed 😉

    Xs….hata mimi na ngojea kuona Modo atado nini na hii product.

    3TOC…..I beleive it ends with cat. Besides, if you decide to omit the cat, you only have puss to call out!!!

  7. Aco….you were first to comment and for some reason your comment was taken away by Askimet. It doesn’t like you very much huh??? That is your third comment that I have had to rescue.

    As for your post related comment…..vajayjay, LMAO!!! I had to read it three times to nyita what it was….LOL!!!

  8. Ok Mocha am getting very worried about you! where do you dig them out from?
    I wonder if I could drink it! I cant imagine telling the waitress, “pussy mbili na tusker baridi” LOOOOL

  9. Half n Half….you have killed me ati pussy mbili na tusker… I swear my workmates think i have flipping lost it!! But yeah who would make such a drink whats this world coming to…???

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