IRB Sevens 2008 – The Final Leg(s)

Where were you last year?

Where will you be this year?

Well…..don’t wait to ask the people who will be there “How was it?”. Be there!

Lots of Kenyans are travelling from far and wide to be there…..if not both events at least one. So, UTASHANGILIA UKIWA WAPI???

Here are a few details regarding the event:

Full fixtures and pools for both venues can be found in the IRB Sevens website.


Location: Twickenham Rugby Stadium

Dates: 24th and 25th May

Stadium Map

Directions and ticket prices can be found on the London Sevens website.


Location: Murrayfield Stadium

Dates: 31st May and 1st June

Stadium Map


Directions and tickets can be found on the Edinburgh Sevens website.

Maps courtesy of the websites mentioned above.

As usual, Kenyans get tickets as cheap as they are sold but we always manage to congregate in one area.

In London, the cheapest are £10 per day.

In Edinburgh, tickets are £25 if booked in advance for two days or £15 per day at the door. Concession tickets are cheaper. Advance tickets come with a Sombrero token redeemable on the day subject to availability.

Bring along anything Kenyan and noice making items – whistles, drums, horns and of course….YOUR VOCAL CHORDS.

Fancy dresses are most definately welcome……!

Well, I told you I would keep you posted on the afterparties……here are the details:


SaturdayStill waiting for the flyer by email. I will upload it soon.



Saturday and Sunday – The afterparties will be in the same venue. On Sunday, Dj Edu will be playing at another venue, but I am confident Dubwise, Sparks and guests will do a smashing job.



Seasons….you are welcome! Farmgal… will be missed! egm and Udi…..NO WORDS!!!

The rest of you bloggers who will be there…….look out for me in the Kenyan flag and camera.

For those not attending the games and parties….. this one is for you:

9 thoughts on “IRB Sevens 2008 – The Final Leg(s)”

  1. OKAY , I will be looking for the flag? lakini if there is more than one flag wearer- haya, will find you. The smile gives you away.

    I will be there or be square. Right after or before the wedding I have to attend. So we are planning on doing rugby asubuhi then wedding then well, rugby or dancing- depends on the times.

    Are you getting my missed calls ama am I ringing Naomi (who is Naomi- exactly!!!! i.e. is the number I have wrong.

  2. I have carried Kenyan shirts for y’all and you are buying them!! Only MOCHA gets a free one from yours truly.

    See you all

  3. Nakeel…..not amused, but you will be forgiven when I get a Farmer Choice sausage in my lunch when I hit Nai. Ohhh….bring the handsome gent with you.

    3TOC….believe me you will not hata me and my lens. I will see you there, rain or shine.

    Ebony…updates on the gigs coming soon. Are you coming for both?

    Seasons…….KUDOS MARA MOB!!! 😉 Alafu, kwani you are flying with the team? You lucky sod if that is the case….all that banter on the plane. AAAhhh….I miss them rugby in Kenya days. Impala damu! See you when you get here….reservations at the Ritz are in place.

  4. Only the London one. I keep being bombarded with diff after party invitations on facebook yawa! A flyer for a gig on sunday in Tottenham Hale says the team will be there and the one in Club Volts says the same thing too…lol…anyway i’ll probably will have chewed a black out by the end of the games so might hata these parties! Tuonane wkend!

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