CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! but…..

That it how I fell today and its because of the following factors:

The Weather

Just managed to peel myself out of bed and I have to make my way back to my crib in this horrible weather. England sucks when it comes to the weather and this weekend says it all. How can we have summer like weather two weeks ago for it to change to winterly showers this weekend.

The Sevens Team

What the hell????? Yaani, apart from beating Moldova a country in Eastern Europe (yep Seasons, had to google the location)……the rest of the tournament was just a nightmare for the Kenya team. Losing to Scotland, then Russia and finally Samoa on Day 1.

Day 2 saw us losing to Australia in the Bowl QF to play Moldova in the Shield SF. At least we came out with a win but our hopes for Silverware at least (points were out of the question at this point) were dashed when Spain……yes, Spain beat us.

The whole tournament was a tad bit disappointing…..ok, it was disappointing. Deflatingly disappointing. It was like putting out air in a ballon. That was how the morale of the fans was reduced to…..!!

The AfterParty – Day 2

The afterparty in Club Afrique – Day 1 was off the hinges. Kama kawaida, Dj Edu rocked. Dj Biggs and Dubwise held down as well and I had a blast, but I left early as I was soo exhausted. Besides, I was to be at Twicks for Day 2 of rugby.

Now the Afterparty Day 2……..first let me make it clear, the Organiser did everything in their power to sort out the problem, but in my opinion the owner of Club Volts is just an absolute waste of club ownership space in the face of this earth. How can you agree one thing for you to change your mind when you see there is money to be made? Complete TOSSER!!!

The venue had two floors……the afterparty was in one of the floors. Two floors, two events…..different prices. They even had two stamps. So….we get there at 2ish in the morning with the Dj and we shell out 20quid to get in. You leave the house and the flyer said 10quid…….nothing about after midnight you pay 15quid, after 2 you pay 20quid………10 QUID as standard entry. Now, coz you see a long queue outside of the club then your eyes flash with pound symbols you decide to hike up the entry….WASSUP WITH THAT???? Charging the patrons from the other event the price of your event. NOT ON, NOT ON AT ALL. Aki, Mr Mocha and I, amongst other people who decided to go somewhere else saw RED. Bad business acumen….

….and that in my opinion is EXTORTION!!!! Even if the club was full, don’t hike up your prices as a deterrent.

And the bouncers……apart from providing security, they were rude as hell!!!

Believe me……I hear a gig is in Club Volts, guess where I will be… home watching telly or under a warm duvet with Mr Mocha!

Moving on……to the best bits!!!

Meeting Seasons, 3TOC and Ebony……oohhh and I waved at Betty kwa ubali and there was another blogger there too, but can’t remember his blog or name at the moment.

Seasons, as he has mentioned on his blog……we knew each other from the past. It was good to catch up. We chatted like old friends catching up….he is hilarious as well and very talented. Didn’t know dude was very artistic. Wewe…..don’t worry, I remember the rule!

3TOC…..well what can I say about this one? Crazy as hell, but a good laugh. Shame you didn’t stay for the cheering……and I want my piece of Jenga. I will text you the address.

Ebony was cool too, but we met at the end of Day 1 at Twickenham, so really didnt get a chance to talk to her sana. A nice mami to say the least.

The fans of rugby……..Arigi just killed it. From the chants to the chest beating……despite the beating we got on the pitch, UK Kenyan supporters are definately the bomb. We held it down.

Mr Lenny’s performance at the afterparty was off the hook. The Dj’s and Mr Lenny’s performance soften the reddness we had after paying 20quid at the door. I spoke to Mr Lenny after and he is such a cool guy and with the coolest personality to match. And that smile…..infectious. 3TOC, if you thought mine was warm……Mr Lenny’s smile is a few bars above mine.

Ok…..obviously I have to be kidogo biased and say Mr Mocha!’s smile just melted my heart away…..with dimples to boot!!! Lakini hiyo ya Lenny…wacha tuu!!!

To sum it up, the weekend was just a mixture of emotions………but a good one. Now I can’t wait to be in Edinburgh next weekend.

p.s. Just found out I am an auntie. Yep….technically, I am an aunt. Mr Mocha!s bro and his beautiful wife just gave birth to a baby girl. Sod the weather….this is good news!!!


17 thoughts on “CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! but…..”

  1. one jenga block coming your way. make that three from all the crazies- coz after this weekend you need all the chocolate you can get.

    I am not understanding this weather- it was warm for the past two weeks but since seasons arrived here- it has been raining. THAT IS ALL I AM SAYING. 2+2= ????hehehehehe

    Uk kenyan rugby supporters are NUTS , nuts, nuts, nuts. great atmosphere.

    Congratulations auntie Mocha

  2. Seems the Kenyan team didnt have the best time at all. Pole ’bout the club stupidity, I myself have sworn off clubs till Thanksgiving. It was cool that you were able to catch up with peeps. If Mr Lenny performs huku Thanksgiving I shall be sure to make sure I catch his show.
    Auntie Mocha, that has a nice sound to it!

  3. The results were a damper I agree but the press reports I have seen sjow that Kenyan fans held their own! You mean Arigi still does his cheering…… Talk about long shelf life!

  4. 3TOC….aki, now that you said it the weather turned horrible when Seasons announced his arrival. Alafu, he jinxed the team….enough said!

    Aco….I know what you mean about clubs and special occasions. This one just made me angry.

    Kirima…..yep, dude still has cheering power. I guess he is one brand that will last until he rests his chords.

  5. Nakeel….kwanza wewe, I have beef with you. I met Seasons and he was missing something.

    Seasons……wee wacha. Ati now you are denying? Kwanza, have you made your arrangements? Ebu holla!!!

  6. Lets pray for our kenyan team on their way to Scotland….huuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm….WIN!…
    Why lie Arigi kept the crowd going….Mocha check this post out…LOL…{long azz link}……….Kenyans+need+to+change+their+eating+habits

    Nice meeting you girl…bout the after party I have no words to say bout club Volts….we left after barely an hour! Btw did you have to empty all your contents on a kaplate hapo inje as in everything? Huskii they had asked me to empty my handbag?!?! And i was like wtf?! A buddy was soo mad he was like ‘do you want me to put my balls too’…lol…the management of that place needs to style up big time!
    Congrats for being an auntie! Am already a gran myself…lol

  7. and on my way back home from sato afterparty i experienced heavy chest pains…maan all that cheering was fun, me and my ka whistle and flag tried to keep up lakini the chest beating almost killed me lol

    pole mocha..waved from far lakini incase i spot u in edinburgh this weekend i’ll try jump a few benches to say hi properly.

    and i missed seasons and nw?? si ud have pointed na wewe !!!

  8. ooopsyyyyy loool ok so Val was at Twickenhum too and i kinda forgot to log her out..yesss shes cooking me lunch! so nway..Mocha that above was me.

  9. too bad for the Kenyan team. hope they get on a win steak before next year’s sevens in Cali.

    that thing for the club upping prices is the worst and i guess common coz here they do it as well. i think the owner should wisen up coz they end up losing business especially if a good crowd decides to head somewhere else…

    poor business sense

  10. wa!its been long. I didn’t know you had changed your template. Yep, lets hope the team does well in Scotland and lets hope the weather isn’t as bad as its been. I’m not being too optimistic.

  11. @3TOC, aaaaaiiii si you know! The offer bado iko, we just need to convince (delicately) the other party…… hebu we run from here before Mocha! gets a whiff of this…

  12. Ebony….it was nice to meet you though briefly. As for Club Volts……home with duvet. Nuff said. I didn’t have a handbag thank God…lakini the bouncer almost toad noma when he saw my small camera in my hand thinking it was my handbag…..I gave him the EEIISSHHH look. Bila work etiquette kabisa those dudes….they need to style up. Thanks on the Auntie wishes.

    Betty/Valentia…..aki many people though I was talking to them kumbe I was vibing you…tihihihihihihi. Hata wewe you thought I was vibing to someone else. Yah, this time no postcode salams…..see you kesho!

    3N…..I agree with you, poor business sense.

    Xs…hiyo hint ni noma lakini naona 3TOC ameleta shida.

    Mamashady….been looking at the forecasts daily since Tuesday and it looks promising compared to last year. So this year I am optimistic that the sun will come out to play. Carry warm clothing though….you jua this England how it kuwas.

    3TOC…I will start charging both of you. Let me go consult the laywers!!! Have fun in Bongoland!

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