Hatimaye – Twisted Straight

Thanks to the generous Seasons, I got these two albums from him and I have to say….I haven’t listened to anything else this week apart from Atemi and Nikki.

Hatimaye – Atemi’s debut album is the female version of Eric Wainaina. The album is just soulful and easy to listen to. Kenyan Neo-soul at its best.

Twisted Straight – Nikki’s album is just Kenyan RnB at its best. Sometimes, you get to listen to one track from an album and you knock the album off and that is what I did in Nikki’s case until I listened to the whole album. I love it.

So, if you are in KE or have a way of getting ahold of these two albums, PLEASE DO. They are to me, the best chillout albums out of Kenya. Music to listen to when unwinding from a long day or on your commute to/from work.

Off to Edinburgh this weekend for the final leg of the IRB Sevens. Mr Lenny will be performing and I can’t wait to get ahold of his debut album as well.

Blog you lot on Tuesday!!!


11 thoughts on “Hatimaye – Twisted Straight”

  1. Atemi is SUPERB!! I’ve watched her perform but I haven’t bought her album yet, but it’s definitely a must buy. As for Nikki, I hope there are better tracks on her album than Kipofu which was terrible.

  2. Haven’t listened to either. I need to.

    Kirima, I saw a whole bunch of Atemi CDs on display at the Junction Nu Metro about two weeks ago.

  3. I have the cds but I’ve only had a chance to listen to Nikki’s album only. If you meet Seasons in Edinburgh, tell him that Nikki’s cover is too black. I can hardly read the words.

  4. Both nikki and Atemis albums are available at all new metro stores and are kenya best music at its best.

    @ archer- actually kipofu is the worst song on nikkis album.

  5. pole!bad planning on my part…i tried guessing who you are but that would have meant approaching quite a number of people. were you there for both days!

  6. Ssembonge…..edu see me sideways!

    mamashady…..wee wacha. The clues I gave up in here were mingi to find me. How did ebony, 3TOC and FG do it? Even Seasons knew it was me apart from the fact we juad each other from before. He would have easily assume it was someone else.

    Gosh….ok, I have been kidogo harsh, but you get my point?

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