Back to the Grind

I wish I should have just taken the week off…..I felt like crap after Edinburgh BUT…I throughly enjoyed myself.

I don’t know what it is about travelling that makes someone feel exuberant.

Landed in Ediburgh at 23.30pm on Friday and went straight to bed after checking in. The following morning it was sunny in Scotland and the day felt good. Reached Murrayfield with just minutes to spare before Kenya’s first game against Moldova.

The lads played ok and beat Moldova 22 – 5 giving the fans something to look forward to, but that bubble was soon deflated when we lost to France 22 – 12 and Fiji 38 – 7. The Fiji game was quite hilarious due to the fact that Kenya were the first to try and the fans were having a cheering battle. The Kenyan fans seemed to lose their voices when Fiji scored their tries over and over again.

Let’s just say, the sunshine kept our spirits high despite the disappointment on the pitch.

Later on we had an afterparty which was very successful. Dj Dubwise, Sparxx and Edu all did their bit to keep the crowd dancing, but by 2 am I was shattered and headed back to the hotel.

Day Two of Rugby saw Kenya playing the Bowl QF against Canada and they beat us 19 -10. This led us to the Shield SF against Russia and we fought tooth and nail, but they eventually scored the only try of the game to beat us 7 – 0.

The atmosphere in Edinburgh amongst the fans was one of disappointment, but then again we will always be there to support the Kenya team. I just pray and hope that the performance in London and Ediburgh will not be reflected when qualifying for the Sevens World Cup to be held in Dubai next year.

The Day Two afterparty was off the hinges. Went to two clubs on one night and where Dj Edu plays, I am there like a shot and boy didn’t I have fun. Mr Mocha, Seasons and a few other friends were there and all I can say is……Seasons can drop it like its hot. You will have to bribe me for that evidence.

All in all, Edinbrugh was off the hinges, with beautiful people to match. The travelling fans made it worthwhile and if you missed…..OLE WAKO!!!

Next year???? Watch this space!


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