Identity Crisis???

This is something that I have discussed with Mr Mocha and a few friends and I really would like to know what you guys thought of this topic.

You start dating someone and you are boyfriend and girlfriend. It comes to a point where the boyfriend proposes and eventually you get married and you officially become husband and wife.

Now the debate comes in when before marriage you get a child or remain childless until you get married……..what are you (with or without child) between the boyfie/girlfie stage and the hubby and wifey stage?

What is your identity during this period?



10 thoughts on “Identity Crisis???”

  1. As long you dont let outsiders dictate your identity, you are still a couple with or without child. It’s when you let outsiders check in that the presence or absence of a child becomes and issue of sorts. So just be your own people, your own couple.

  2. When outsiders start having any say on something as a trivial as a label…there’s trouble in paradise.
    Always maintain your identity.
    I’m very curious to know what your take was on this.

  3. I hear people using fiance/fiancée a lot so maybe that would do.

    But really should not be much of an issue. You are gf and bf still.

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