5 Minutes of KE Fame??? Please spare us!!!

Before someone comes up in here telling me ati instead of slagging people off, I should try doing it better. Let me just say……my blog my opinions!!! BITE ME!!!

Now to the topic at hand…….WTF???? Check out the following vids and please feel free to comment. I am out!!!

Ngoja…before I really sign off……WTF IS THIS???

Now I am off!!!

Happy Tuesday!

9 thoughts on “5 Minutes of KE Fame??? Please spare us!!!”

  1. ooooooooooooooooh yeah!
    Video 1 – Nice video production but otherwise kapuka for beginners
    Video 2 – Once again nice vid production, nice chorus, but the leopard skin rug in the background is a big no no. Plus the dude doesnt have the best singing voice to be honest and the song does get monotonous after a while.
    Video 3-Pathetic dancing, the song isnt memorable at all. Background dancers ugly as hell. Anyway if you check youtube you see comments were disabled that shows even the poster knew that the song sucked. A bad vid by Blu Zebra always thought they could do better.
    Video 4 – That mama is built like a 14 year old boy, no ass no legs no nuthin! Plus at least teh lap dance was free, I wouldnt pay for that!
    Acolyte Hatin since 2005 at a blog near you……….

  2. i second the question about the dude in video number four being dead. what, i s he against audience participation on something? the rest i expected them to be mediocre but man, that last one really threw me. 4:30 that has proably dropped my i.q more than i want to admit.

    that video is a lesson. not everything needs to be video taped and put on youtube.

  3. Aco….I am not surprised you being the first here to comment. LOL!!!

    Udi….won’t delete. People have to educated on what not to put up on YouTube.

    Sisbigbones…….hata mimi nilikasa words!!!

    Xs….I was wondering as well, but if you look closely….he is moving. 😉

    MM……yep, reduced to a few minutes of viral fame!

    spicebear……i agree with you. This clip is a lesson. What not to record and put up on YouTube. Utter nonsense.

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