Kipofu – Nikki

Just got this video emailed to me by Tafsiri.

Apparently, 112 do a cameo on the video. Blink and you will miss them. I only managed to see half of them…..Slim and the other dark one (forgot his name). Anyway, I love the video. One of many showing how far Kenyan music has come from the days of KBC studio productions or the Uhuru Park shot videos.

I was reading the comments on this video and peeps are telling Nikki to lose weight.

Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with her figure. She is beautiful and with a voice to match.

Has our Kenyan society or mentality reached a level that we have to reduce the body sizes to be accepted? What is all this size 0 mentality? Is it a wonder that such comments, when read by young girl’s looking up to people like Nikki result to having eating disorders just to be accepted?

I hope Nikki is reading this and will come out and make a comment. Put these people in their place. As far as I am concerned, her figure has nothing to do with her singing. Accept Nikki or any other artist as they are or bugger off.

Off to order that Size 14 (UK) dress I saw on eBay!



11 thoughts on “Kipofu – Nikki”

  1. Ol girl does need to lose anything…nice track.

    how ya be mocha? is it to late to profer congrats on your engagement? Congratulations.

  2. superb stuff from nikki. i have heard the track, the video, was a tad over hyped so when i did finally watch it, it was more of an anticlimax. the song is tight though and her voice has matured, does she have an album out i wonder?

  3. I never understood the criticism on this video when it came out. Nikki did this when she was recuperating from an accident and I think she did this very well.

    As for her body size, I think the chick is the epitome of how an African woman should look like. She is very very hot!

  4. Hear Hear Seasons….she is indeed VERY VERY HOT as you put it. I also don’t understnd why people have to put a mami down while she represents how African woment should look like.


  5. Her voice is superb. When did curves become such a bad thing. there is nothing to lose,as my friend says, different strokes for different folks.

  6. she is a beautiful woman with a gorgeous voice.But the battle between image vs substance wages on hence the negative takes on her weight.she seems healthy and happy to me so sing on Nikki.

  7. Long since I had supuu akiongea swa sanifu! Brings back good memories.

    Unfortunately we watch so many ‘international’ (!?) artists and size matters. I’m simply saying as long as she’s comfortable and it does not affect her career let her be.

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