SO UNFAIR!!! Or is just me?

Why is it when someone goes out of their way to help you or make your life easier, you quiet literally screw them?

Yes, I am addressing you. You know yourself.

At this point in time, the least you could do is apologise to the relevant parties by writing the most sorriest apologetic letter you have ever written.

I wonder how you sleep at night.

Shame on you! Why spoil for others and yet they have gone out of their way to help you be confortable and safe!!! Again, SHAME ON YOU!

I am officially upset.

That written apology was need like yesterday…PLEASE GET DOWN TO IT!!!


15 thoughts on “SO UNFAIR!!! Or is just me?”

  1. Seasons….long story!!!

    Aco….maybe not!

    Maua…..nothing to do with that.

    bomseh…..forgiving will come after the letter has been issued. Seems only fair.

  2. Eh! I haven’t done anything but I am willing to sign a confession! Such fire-breathing!

    I’m four days late, and I hope this has since been resolved.

  3. discomuthenya…..if I am losing calories over this, then more than welcome. I need to shed some. Believe me….I am 100% sure they know.

    savvy…..the anger has lessen, but still upset. As for revealing….not a chance up in here.

    petesmama…..interesting handle first of all. Sounds like I know you. I will find out soon if this matter has been resolved. Still under the pending file.

  4. @Mocha, this sounds really upsetting, waswahili wasema, kuna watu na viatu, whoever did whatever they did, please remember what goes round comes round. Take heart my dear

  5. Mocha don’t break a sweat over people who screw you. If they’re the screwers it’s up to them to feel bad. And feeling bad is weighing them down. and then acting like they’re not feeling bad takes even more of their energy. hehehehe just laugh at them.

  6. We literally screw them coz before we know it, life has screwed us so….. screwing is just in the air, thats why you are so mad……..recovered by now?Apology came?

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