Too much has been happening in June and this month. Just when I thought that after the rugby weekends I would have June/July to rest, OHHHH NOOOO…..its been mad.

Good Points

Mom is in town

Moving in with Mr Mocha

Memories from Home

Bad Points

Mom is in town

Moving in with Mr Mocha

Memories from home

I know you are all wondering how come the good and bad points seem to match….well, I will go ahead and explain:

The Good Points

Mom is in town – I love having my mum around. Keeps me grounded and shows me how far I have come and matured. Also, she always keeps me in check with her good advice, which I am greatful for. Not many people can say that and I thank God for my mum.

Moving in with Mr Mocha! – I couldn’t wait. The love, cost sharing, arguing, no more travelling to see each other…….aarrgghhh!!!!! EVERYTHING! I have lived with a bloke before and it was not a good experience, but somehow, after a long hard think and of course the bling bling, how could I say no. Besides, my previous experience taught me alot and now I am ready for anything. ALSO…..Mr Mocha! is the bestest dude ever. Next step…walking down the aisle! 😉

Memories from home – With my mum visiting, I somehow couldn’t wait for her to open her suitcase and see what she had for me. She did not disappoint……..she had my high school blouse with final words with people I grabbed to pen a few things after exams. Reading back on what my friends wrote…….I haven’t changed much. This I will have to share. Also, in her case were House of Manji biscuits……the last time I saw that brand was when I was in Nai……the kettle hasn’t stopped boiling. A biscuit a day.

The Bad Points

Mom is in town – ….and her stay is coming to an end. I will miss her dearly and her departure always makes me home sick. The house will feel kinda empty with her not being around. The mother and daughter banter will have to come to an end. I will miss you! One thing is funny about this whole thing….the weekend after her departure is her birthday. Happy advanced birthday wishes Mum!!!

Moving in with Mr Mocha! – You tend to forget how independent you are when you live alone. You had your own space and stuff. Now that I am slowly settling down in a new abode with ‘new rules’, it was tough learning how to share space and how to compromise. A learning curve that is getting better with time. I suppose soon this will be a positive thing.

Memories from home – make me homesick. Hearing stories of our estate, kids who I left as babies/toddlers are now in Form One. Neighbours who have lost loved ones and others who are now married and moved on. Just the whole vibe. Worst of all is hearing my mum complain about the food here and its blandness. Bloggers in Nai…..masala chips, bhajia, wimpy coleslaw, kuku porn, blackforest, fruit salad, fresh passionfruit juice, etc. on you lot. So, be alert for my arrival!

June and July have been exhausting for me, but it has been all good. I can’t complain. Life is too precious and I can say I am in a good place right now.

Have a timam Monday.


10 thoughts on “EXHAUSTED!!!”

  1. Kweli its been a rollercoaster of a ride these last two months, In the final end the goods will outweigh the bad oh and the kuku and coleslaw will always be there when you land.

  2. Awwwwwwwww change takes some getting used to. I’m sure you shall miss your mum, but since you will be in Kenya sometime soon you shall live with her so there is some consolation.
    Living with a mama is hard, so Im sure Mr Mocha also has some adjustment to do!

  3. oooh, you will be living with a boy! tihihihi, remember how that wuld have made you cringe kitambo, or even how mathe would have sreamed at her daughtere living with a boy before marriage? times have changed!
    happy Birthday to mama Mocha

  4. So you guys celebrated your anniversary by moving in together? Wow!

    I envy you that decision. I’m still stuck in the “independence” phase. I cannot imagine giving up my personal space and time.

    Many lucks and much love to all the great mums of the world.

  5. Xs…..you know. I managed to keep up lakini it was shortlived.

    Kirima….I will be claiming my coleslaw and kuku porn from you as soon as we meet. Lunch is on you.

    Aco…at the rate things are going, the motherland will have to wait for its daughter a bit longer. I shall miss my mum though. Living with a former bachelor is hard too.

    Pointi…weeee cheka tuu! I am waiting for your turn. Living with a dude did make me cringe. All the things you did in your own privacy you now have to make a choice whether to do them or not. Mathes nowadays have changed with the times. Once you tell them how much chums you be saving by living together….they are off your back.

    petesmama…..yep! Big step and we are happy. I had to give up the ‘independence’ stage and i am not regretting it one bit. I suppose the timing was just right. Thanks for your wishes.

  6. you must be excited moving in with Mr. Mocha great for you two

    i miss the chakula at home as well…I can’t wait to land and order. oh plus a cold malt.

    have a good week

  7. hey mocha first thanks for passing thru my keja.Congrats on engagement,saw ur bling somewhere(am an old fan just never left a comment).

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