My mood has changed ever so slightly from my last entry. It’s got nothing to do with it being Friday. Ok….I tell a lie. A tinsy winsy bit of it has to do with Friday.

Ala, the weekend is here and I need to chill.

I guess, I am just tired of being the one to make changes and people around you are not even making an improved effort.

I know I am a stubborn and complex person sometimes, but why not meet me half way? I have raised my white flag twice already and that is something that has taken me years perfect. Why can’t you do the same?

Problems are not to be swept under the carpet and pretend like it never happened or like it will mysteriously disappear. No……bring them to the table and solve them. They do have a funny way of shifting from under that carpet in days, months or heck….years to come. Why not just get rid of them?

I find it hard to accept something when I have asked for it. Especially when you know you shouldn’t have to ask in the first place. To me its never comes out as a genuine gesture.

If you know you made a mistake or are in the wrong, why do I have to ask for that apology?


4 thoughts on “WHITE FLAG”

  1. Ala, the weekend is here and I need to chill. Huh?

    You have been away too long babie… Kenyans do not use the word chill coz it has sexual or lack of connotations.

    I hope Mr. Mocha is being his good selves and this post is not addressing him.

    On the other hand, it could be me your are talking to since I have not responded to you.

    Oh..I hope you catch Kaz’s concert this weekend

  2. Wee….”..si lazima to do. Tunaweza enda home na tu-chill tuu.” As I recall, this is a very recent track and chilling here means what?

    Mr Mocha! is good and no this is not addressed to him. Still treats me like a princess, although some times I don’t deserve to be treated like one.

    Yah….it could be you I am addressing. Lakini you are off the hook since you warned me of your disappearing acts…LOL!

    Hiyo gig…I will tell you on Monday.

  3. Deep words and well spoken-or is it written?
    In the circles i hang around with,Kaz and music are not mentioned in the same sentence!have a nice weekend

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