Kaz in Session

Location: Startford Theater Royal Bar

Time: 7-10pm

Day: Saturday

Kaz made a mad dash for England to be at Stratford Theater Royal for IFEA2008 (International Festival for Emerging Artists).

Kaz went on stage and did her thing and I have to say, the girl is talented. She can definately sing and has stage presence. Having just met the band on the day of her arrival, she went ahead and did her set like they have been a band for several years.

Singing mostly songs by Papa Wemba, Alicia Keys and some jazz tracks, Kaz wowed the audience with her voice and interaction with them.

I have to hand it down to her though, she is one of the few artists from the motherland making something out of her music. Something Kenyans need to do to tap the international scene.

I would definately recommend a session with Kaz.

I went to the event not expecting much and I came out appreciating Kenyan talent from unexpected sources.

p.s. More pics to follow here and to the source of this info, thanks for the heads-up. I had fun.


13 thoughts on “Kaz in Session”

  1. What a GORGEOUS picture!

    I’m not a Kaz fan – her music and style lack originality – but the child definitely knows how to promote herself. It’s that kind of savviness that Kenyan musicians need to cultivate.

  2. Having seen her pics that were doing the rounds on the Internet sometime back, this chick fascinates me for one thing: she presses on and just moves on. I do admire her resilience.
    She reminds me of the proverbial phoenix – gal rose from her own ashes and is going places.
    I believe she learnt from that unfortunate incident. Now, I wish her the very best.
    Nice post.

  3. I have to admit….I am not a fan, but she gave me hope that Kenya has talent and need to do more to put it out there. She is doing it, why cant the rest.

  4. Kaz can belt a jazz tune! Jazz singing is a genre a lot of Kenyans do not appreciate or even understand. I think Kaz can hold her own with the best in this industry.

    Am more of a music connoisseur than your average Joe but I must say that Kenyans need to look beyond the nude pics and appreciate her for what she does..and that is make good music.

    Iam glad you had fun Mocha.

  5. Great pic Mocha!

    its good to hear there is more to Kaz than just her nude photo fame. does she have an album out or online music available?

  6. I’m not familiar with her singing, actually my undesrtanding is she’s a ‘model’ – tha shows my ignorance of Kenyan music!

    So I missed to see her …. it would have been nice for me to get a clear perspective of who she is(!)

  7. Hmm..Kaz…doesn’t have the most glowing personalities (especially off stage…to me at least) but has a terribly beautiful voice. She totally pwns that Prezzo song with her beautifully done hook (simply overshadowing his flat and terribly terrible “rap”)…not sure how long the “bad girl” image will run before it gets old but I hope we get to hear more of her music doing her talking for her….

  8. Kaz’s album ‘somin’ is available at Uchumi,Nukumat and the media store. You can also get it from Sound Africa. Get yourself a copy

  9. Alas! 3TOC I only how to access music.

    Dresses…I have no idea. But you can ask her yourself, I will see you kando and give you her contacts

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