Picture a humid summer day, packed like sardines on the London Transport network on your way home.

Lets just say, if they had sprinklers in there, I for one would not mind, but all of us would be shocked to death as the network uses electricity to run.

Anywhoo, I almost never made it home.

Someone decide to unleash toxic fumes in a packed train. Fanning the smell away from my burning nostrils didnt help as it made it worse.

To make the situation more unbearable, doing it once is excusable, but the HINDIOT decide to unleash once more for good measure.

Thank God the next stop was mine.

I have never appreciated fresh air until yesterday as I disembarked from the train.

Have a fresh air Thrusday wherever you are.

Loving this track: Tell Me (What It Is) – Dj NG ft. Baby Katy


3 thoughts on “FUU! FUU!”

  1. Haha! Pole sana. Maybe someone had a nasty stomach upset and couldn’t hold it in any longer. Reminds me of high school when some malicious guys would unleash a Yussssssuufffffff along the corridor when guys were rushing to class! One guy thought he was all alone on the corridor and decided to unleash one. Imagine his horror when he saw the Principal walking towards him from the opposite end!!

  2. Lol Archer! There is no “safe” public place to unleash a toxic one.

    Sorry Mocha – I hope it didn’t give you a tummy ache.

  3. lol cud not stop laughing.Haki pole sana.to begin with its already not very fresh in the train halafu someone unleashes.
    I am not sure which is worse a mshuto or some woman who comes in with her bint el sudan marashi which she showered in.am thinking the mshuto atleast kind of disappears lakini the marashi which is already giving u a splitting headache hangs on ur every pore.

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