This Luo-Kikuyu BULLSHIT should come to an end. I am now sick and tired of people talking about it.

Take for example the current topic circulating here in the UK.

Click here, here and here to get the gist.

So what if she is a daughter of a rich former/current MP? So what that they are rich? So bloody what?

Yes, I know the lady in question and we get on like a house on fire. If my history memory serves me right, she asked a valid question. She came out and said what, I am assuming, most Kenyans are thinking but dare not ask. Ala, si we all want to know the answer.

The truth shall always hurt, esp. when you weren’t expecting hear it or when it comes from unexpected sources.

Kenyans in the diaspora esp. should grow up and move on.

12 thoughts on “SO WHAT???”

  1. Mocha, I used to try and understand how people end up with misguided and prejudiced opinions and i would discuss with them in a subjective manner – then i figured its all in vain.

    i just ignore all of it. the luo / kikuyu debate and animosity has gone on too long.

  2. This debate is never ending, and I don’t think there is a true answer or solution to this issue.

    As you said Mocha, Let’s move on. We have so much to look forward to. Forget the past!

  3. I agree with you, Kenyans abroad need to be doing more to do to build Kenya from where they are then tearing each other apart.

  4. Ethnicity, sexuality, religion and politics…… my teacher told me are topics I should avoid discussing because they raise temperatures and rarely one ever wins.

    So, tell those Kenyans that we need them to focus on the economy!!

  5. Where, I am, the question is always the same..wewe kabila gani? ..The Kenyan community here is divided into tribal quarters and woe unto you if you are not a Kikuyu who happens to be the majority here..early this year, i attended a meeting organised by kenyans and the language of communication was mostly kikuyu..speaker after speaker lost it and found themselves talking in Kikuyu..

    The Kenyan Ambassador here (a real nice and down to earth chap) happens to be a luo and when he called for a Kenyan meeting last year, some guys i know from a certain community whwere like” what is he going to tell us that we have never heard before? twende tule na twende zetu>>>shame

    Tupende tusipende a matter of tribe is a big issue all for mei i distance myself from such characters and most guys here think i hail from a country close to home juu i spend most of the time with brothers across the border..Kenyans should learn from Ugandans who are in the Diaspora

  6. As a non-Kenyan, all I can say is that this is pathetic. If people are carrying these misconceptions into the diaspora, where is the hope for some sense?

    I can’t claim to understand the historical basis for these hatreds, but I do know that any form of segregation that turns you into a mindless, blind hater cannot be good.

    This is depressing.

  7. Hey I was at the meeting – and honestly we still carry around so much bitterness! I have had enough too of this Luo-Kikuyu thing

    There are some forums I rarely have the time to browse however much I try to create time. Plain ignorance and waste time the comments.

  8. I thought this generation was doing something to bury it once and for all but I guess I was wrong.What we need are solutions,and everybody must do their part.

  9. The truths hurts so must hate stop hating .. it doesn’t matter who she is .. she spoke her mind and if none of you were brave enough to do that then let the tough people

    as far as am concernr KIBAKI Stole the elections in december 2007 and thats final.

    and my kalenjin makendes can die for what I believe in

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