My Desktop

Following this entry by Intel, thought I screenshot my desktop:

my screenshot made from my mac
made from my mac

14 thoughts on “My Desktop”

  1. 3toc….yep those are my hips. lol.

    archer….they were talking. and yes I love my apple gadgets. This was sometime when they released the shuffles in colours outside their store in

    Seasons…thanks. How you be?

  2. Jim….I took the pic and edited it at home. So yes, I made it. No third party here….first party. lol!

    SG….I like clean desktops. Too many icons make me mad. Feels like I have unfinished business on my comp.

    Aco…weeeeee, no sharing. You can keep your mess!

  3. Seeing this, I am so envious that I aint got a Mac yet.
    My windows box has screwed me enough times already. Hopefully, I’ll use it to get me there – to acquiring a Mac.
    Your desktop Mocha looks sure fine.

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