Esp. when this happens.

Proudest moment ever and I couldn’t have put it better as this:

The final medal ceremony of the Olympics was for the men’s marathon. How great is that? Most medal ceremonies occur in one of the far-flung venues in front of a few thousand fans generally waiting to go home. Marathon winner Samuel Wanjiru of Kenya was feted in front of a packed and attentive stadium, including all the other athletes, and however many billions of viewers around the world, with the medal presentation, the national anthem and the raising of the Kenyan flag. It does not get bigger than that. How many of the roughly 11,000 athletes were in attendance when Michael Phelps received one of his golds?

To make it even more special the gold medal was presented by IOC president, Jacques Rogge. Now thats unique not even Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt had such an honour. The world’s spotlight was at that moment on Wanjiru and Kenya.

The last medal of the Beijing games and the national Anthem, it has never felt better being Kenyan than at that moment. I will never forget it.

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6 thoughts on “AM I PROUD TO BE KENYAN?”

  1. Had to wake up early..(or is late depending on what time one got home) to watch it.

    I shed a tear…I swear..that has not happened in a while.

    Proud moment there..elated as you are.

  2. When Wanjiru entered the stadium and started waving at guys, I waved back…

    Then the next day at the medal ceremony I sang the anthem at the top of my voice. My neighbours know better than to complain, heh heh.

  3. that coupled with the fact that we were the top african country trully made it a special olympics. imagine what we can do if we diversified into other sports. i can only hope that th paralympic team does just as well if not better!

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