Mocha! Diaries

Ten years ago, I actually wrote one.

Question is, diaries are supposed to be private, but then again, blogging is like a diary and it aint that private.

So should I share what I wrote ten years ago?

My decision will be based on the responces I get here…….just keep in mind, there are entries like “nothing much happened today” to much detailed entries.

Over to you Mocha! readers….what say you?


11 thoughts on “Mocha! Diaries”

  1. Does it include details of your first many..eeeeh….u know…eeeeh…yeah drop it in here! Maybe tuta-revenge

    PS: You can use stage names – we wont know its you

  2. Most definitely! Especially if it is embarrassing stuff. Laughing at other people always takes the heat off my own madness.


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