….but how comes I cannot see the effects of this boom from waaaay out here.

What is she on about? I feel you asking.

Well, egm was kind enough to courier me a few bridal magazines and I can say that I was THROUGHLY impressed by what I saw beyond the covers.

Then I hit the classifieds…….what was missing?

WEBLINKS to majority of the services being offered. Do I see someone tapping into this business? There is money to be be made here.

e-Commerce looks like Kenya’s weakness and as much as Kenyans like blaming the tools they work with (slow internet, etc.), I think this area is lacking in it marketability (is there a word like that?) to outsiders like me who would like to plan my wedding from the comfort of being miles away.

Only thing I can see is Tour companies tapping on the Safari/Coastal Wedding and Honeymoon packages. What about the rest of the stuff I see as I flick the pages of Samantha Bridal and co? The transport, cakes, venues, the local planners…..the list goes on and on!

How do I plan without boarding a plane and off setting my carbon footprint?

Where do I even start? Jade….help a sistah out!!!

p.s. Spread the word on this please…..

Aga Khan Free Clinic Drive
Aga Khan Free Clinic Drive

p.p.s. Trying to locate the diaries as I am still unpacking….be patient and 1998 will be unravelled.

7 thoughts on “BOOMING BUSINESS”

  1. At least there has been some headway in online marketing and advertising (read web banners and email marketing).
    eCommerce will definitely change the way business is done online in Kenya. This should happen sooner rather than later, if all goes well.
    Only problem is the loopholes in online transactions and credit card fraud that many worry about.
    It should be noted that quite a number of guys perform online transactions now and then. I for one have purchased some eBooks and paid for domains and hosting through my VISA card.
    Things are definitely looking up, and trust you me when the revolution eventually happens, it will NOT be televised.

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