A Very Mini Meet-up

This will be based on facts….

Fact #1 – Kwa kina 3TOC, I will confirm to all ni USHAGO. Mami, you can’t deny. I bet you were even tired of hearing me say how quiet your area is.

Fact #2 – 3TOC is a very lovely host. I had a fun weekend visiting her.

Fact #3 – We almost ended up in A & E or morgue. Morgue – coz she thought I was dead vile I was silent waking up Sato morning…tihihihihihihi! A&E – as I scared her with a bean-bag snake in a gift shop. The look on her face was priceless!

Fact #4 – Mami can cook! I was full by the time I reached home at 9ish on Sunday. This was after having lunch before my departure. Hiyo recepi niaje?

Fact #5 – This I didn’t even tell 3TOC. Girl can sing……but don’t expect her to fika X-Factor.

Fact #6 – For a dentist, chic has a very sweet tooth. I thought I loved ice-cream……..I found someone who beats me hands down.

Fact #7 – Betty, I hope you moved ok and we were sorry not to have come to see you. It would have been lovely.

Fact #8 – FG, twas nice chatting to you over the wire. Forgot to ask you about Joan….I hope she is doing well.

Fact #9 – London and traffic…..CRAP! How does a two hour journey turn into a 5 hour journey. And the tubes on Sunday…..I am bila words. At least I reached home in one piece.

Fact #10 – I had a lovely weekend visiting 3TOC and I would do it again. Karibu London mami, I have to revenge.

Happy Monday y’all.

p.s. Happy Birthday Udi!

7 thoughts on “A Very Mini Meet-up”

  1. Looool.
    Okay Fact 11- one of those icecreams did not count. It was a fake. I had to make up for that one.

    Hehehehehe, atii now I live in shags coz it is quiet.Haya next time I am telling the neighbours to have house parties while you are here.

    Na Seasons if you read this shags business- all lies, I tell you. All lies. (okay wipe that smile off your face- NOW!)

  2. 3TOC…you and I know that kwenu ni ushago. Mpaka na panda busi kama Eldoret express…tihihihihihiii!!

    As for the ice-cream, sawa one of them was fake…but you do love them.

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