MOBO 2008

The MOBOs (Music Of Black Origin) are back again this year and glad to see the Best African Act still up for the taking.

This year’s nominees are:

Nigeria: 9ice – Gongo Aso (Not actual video)

Nigeria: Asa (pronounced Asha) – Fire On The Mountain

Nigeria: D’Banj Mo Hits Allstars – Close To You

Nigeria: Faze – You Need Somebody

South Africa: Hip Hop Pantsula – Music and Lights (Amerie cameo…dope)

South Africa: Jozi – Wats With The Attitude

Kenya: Jua Cali – Ngeli Ya Genge

Ivory Coast: Magic System – Zouglou Dance

Nigeria: P-Square – Do Me

Kenya: Wahu – Sweet Love

Well there you have it…..the nominees for the Best African Act.

The MOBO Awards Show will be hosted by Mel B and Reverend Run and is being held on Wednesday 15 October at Wembley Arena.

Good luck to the nominees!

Ok…..Kaysha was not nominated, but I just love his music and his track ‘Funky Makaku’ is just the bizniz. I actually subscribe to podcasts – The African Bohemian – on iTunes (free) and this track just jazzed me. Love it!

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend people!

7 thoughts on “MOBO 2008”

  1. wonder why p-square aint there.jua cali’s song, ngeli ya genge is jst artistic- interesting word play and deserves and award, at least if those judges understand what it says.nice w/end to u too.

  2. Frank…..I know. She kinda sounds like India Irie. Love the video and the song is dope as well.

    Boyfulani…..long time boss. Uko poa lakini? P-Squared is there…before Wahu. Juacali is just the bizniz……the video is comical and true to life in Nai. That is why people love him and his tracks. Not feeling the song sana, I guess its one of those that grow on you after listening for awhile.

  3. Mocha I agree on Asa sounding like Indie Arie and I just listened to Fire on the Mountain for the 1st time here and I love it.

    i guess now i know where to source my music. good wknd Mocha

  4. I’m rooting for Wahu seeing as she’s Kenyan and I haven’t listened to Jua Kali.

    Love Asa. Loved that song when it first came out, too bad Trace Music is just like Kenyan radio stations, they never play it as often. I thought her video was quite artistic too.

  5. I can bet my last 10cents(ndururu) that Asa(pronounced Ashaa) will win. I got her album about 2 months ago, transferred it onto my phone and its become like ringtone music. I also featured her and the ‘Fire on the mountain’ video on my blog some time back. This was after her music was played for the first time ever, in an Ethiopian restaurant during a Poetry and Neo soul music show that happens every month – Rythm and Spoken.
    Asa’s performance at the Joy of Jazz festival in Jo’burg last month brought the house down. This was despite the presence of Valerie Kimani Helon and many other Jazz and African artists’ performances. Her voice is a reminiscence of Lauryn hill, Bob Marley and Tracy Chapman all in one. And her video to Fire compliments the song so well despite being set in the studio.
    I always wonder, did the cast freeze for the shoot? It seem so as the kids kinda shake shake a bit!
    I hope one day she comes to Kenya, then we can stop bragging the way our musicians are good. You can only conclude so if your knowledge of music is limited to what you hear on the local Fm stations and what you see on the beat and h2o.

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